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October 25, 2000
  • Vindictus Pumpkin Carving Contest [ Winners]

    Alright I would like everyone to take a breather.
    I looked at the criteria and personally I would have probably picked the same pumpkins that won if I was going to strictly go by that, but as GhengisJohn said others might have a different opinion, but that doesn't matter since in the end its up to the judges.

    As for the amount of winners there were only 15 entries (14 when the judging) so a little less than half were winners. I think that is enough plus now everyone is getting something.
  • Contest Prize NX has not been awarded

    "Billing Services" with subcategory "Free NX offers". When I try to click submit, the page gives me a loading/refreshing indicator for a brief moment, then nothing happens.
    Ah ok. For future reference the category for events like these is Events and Contests under the Gameplay section.
    The Free NX offers category is for the old Free NX offers that were removed sometime back.
    I'm missing 20k nx from the meme-ories contest recently, I received the boxes but no nx. I know the disclaimer says allow 30 days but the post made on the 19th by Saygo for the winners thread said prized will be delivered next week which I received the 20 glas boxes on the 24th but not the 20k nx. Am I suppose to wait within the 30 days for the nx to reflect on my account?
    NX takes a little longer than the in game items. So yes please wait for the NX to appear on your account.
  • How do some people already have 2000 points?

    @Dealer um, isnt that naming names in a round abt way? XD! Seriously tho, using an alt can be tracked? AND I am not sure what the points and badges are all about other than a number to represent ur reputation? Can't seem to find detailed details (could be missing it tho, I am fumbling around atm)
    I was going for a we noticed that is happening but in a less serious manner (than a warning or an infraction) since the points don't seem to mean much right now.

    Badges are just achievements. There is a list of them, just check my post history and you should find it (can't look it up right now - sorry). They give you points which are just for show.

  • How do some people already have 2000 points?

    The person with the highest point count right now has been using an alt to like their posts.
    I don't think its really anything to bother with or care about. It really means nothing right now.
  • Please, give me your gifs

    I have always loved this one.