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October 25, 2000
  • Will the Field/Stadium outfitter ever return?

    It was just sold in the black friday sale within the special boxes, since its a gachapon set it will probably come back if/when the original gachapon is resold or if there is another special box sale.
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  • Black Friday Outfitter Sets/Elch Wings Petition

    Well in the Crimson Commander Package, all the rares were tradable with the exception of the exquisite enchant rune which you could use on any item and sell through the marketplace anyways.
    These were even cheaper than the Black Friday boxes and while we did receive an increased rate, that was balanced out with the inclusion of these other outfitter sets + elchulus wings so it wasn't much of an improvement at all (at least when it comes to getting specific rares).
    Also, the non-rares in these CCPs were not airtight as it was released before the airtight system came in place and if that was the same for these Black Friday Boxes, it would probably have been a disaster. Good thing we avoided that.
    It’s true all of them were tradable, but they were always tradable upon release it’s not like the box changed anything.
    On average it seems like BFB had a higher % even compared to the CCP -6 rare item at 3% vs 10 rare items at 6% - plus the 2ndary items were better in BFB - so the increased price actually seems more than just balanced out.

    Yes it is quite intriguing, the chance of getting a rare is 6% yet I've seen people pull as many as 4 rares in a row. I managed to get 2 Keaghan sets in a row which is nice but its not exactly what I wanted. Increased rates are great but an exchange shop is still better for giving the players what they want.
    People have luck, including you. I only got 1 rare from the boxes which were phoenix wings, and personally I don’t consider them a rare anymore since they have been released a lot, I was a lot more excited when I got them from CCP last year.
    In all honesty, the fact that these items were untradable and we have a nice understanding staff, worked out better for me than if we had an exchange shop, but I know that is not the same for all.

    Well those gachapons were 1900nx per box so if there were coupons it would have to be adjusted to give out more especially as it is limited to ten per day. So instead of usually giving out 1-3 in the other gachapons it could have probably given out 2-6 per box. Here's an example of what it could look like:
    Keaghan Set 200 Coupons
    Iset Set 200 Coupons
    Special Trivene Witch Set 200 Coupons
    Special Tieve Set 200 Coupons
    Special Captain Keaghan Set 200 Coupons
    Sealed Black Elchulus Wing 200 Coupons
    Airtight Exquisite Enchant Rune 70 Coupons
    Devil Wings 20 Coupons
    Phoenix Wings 30 Coupons
    White Phoenix Wings 70 Coupons
    [Limited] Special Great Adventurer Set (Male) 70 Coupons
    [Limited] Special Demon Hunter Set (Female) 70 Coupons
    [Limited] Smooth Summer Set (Male) 70 Coupons
    [Limited] Summer Sunflower Set (Female) 70 Coupons
    Special Stadium Set 50 Coupons
    Special Field Set 50 Coupons
    Airtight Midnight Wolf 50 Coupons
    Worst case scenario, if you bought all the boxes because you were searching for a particular item, you would be able to get it. If you don't buy most of the boxes, you could still get a decent item that you desire. This would make most players happy.
    Well without the extension, if you were unlucky with those prices and the initial sale there was a chance you wouldn’t get enough for the rare at that pricing and coupon amount.
    But let’s say you did get enough, on average you would probably spend over $100 more to guarantee an item from this exchange shop than the initial ones. I really don’t see that going well since players have issue with the old gachapon’s exchange shop’s pricing of avatar sets. But, I also don’t see the gap being any smaller since again someone could get 4 top prize items in a row from BFB.
    PS. Interesting pricing, you put the wings are actually at a fair price for our market, but they were in the rare items list so I would expect them to be higher than those that weren’t. Also, Field and Stadium sets have 6 items in the set and had a 100 ticket exchange in their initial gachapon so they should probably be higher than the other Limited sets, maybe 90.

    The 1 coupon per box is ridiculous and it gives me the impression that there wasn't much thinking involved. One outfitter set in the exchange shop is 200 Vindicator's coupons which is impossible to get since the most amount of boxes you could buy was 70 or 100 with the time extension allowing you to get 100 coupons at the most. People who spent as much as $500 got nothing, or very little, of value in return with these coupons (I would even say that it shouldn't have been included at all). This might be a mistake and it should've given out 1-3 Vindicator's coupons per box but I'm sure no one will say anything.
    I would have liked at least 3 fixed Vindicator tickets, since then you can at least get a free avatar set from that exchange shop without the extension. I really don’t think a random amount should have been given for gachapons with limited sales, even though you could buy normal Vindicator boxes to increase the amount if you’re just a little off, it just seems wrong to me.

    Who is coming up with these ideas - I don't recall anyone asking for an airtight midnight wolf or even a midnight wolf re-release. I mean it is a nice pet and I still have mine from 2 years ago but it might as well be added in the supply depot instead for a limited time or left as an item that you could obtain after purchasing lucky ice cubes (which seems to come out every single year anyways) and receiving frigid crystals. Yes I am glad that they are making new airtight items (if there wasn't airtight items I wouldn't have bought any boxes) but when you have nearly 70% of the items in the box as airtight/tradable and then the main items in the box that everyone is wanting to get not receiving the same treatment, that was basically a slap in the face to anyone in this community and not just the people who buy these boxes. There are players who do invest time and play the game enough to keep it alive and they should be able to have a chance at getting these rare outfitters/wings.
    Revamped Violet Witch, Lucky Ice Cube, Scarlet Flute, and Royal Outfitter Pouch gachapons would be great as long as some exchange shop comes along with it.
    I believe we are getting Lucky Ice Cubes and a Succubus Queen outfitter re-release soon enough but there should be time to revamp those.
    Not sure why having the wolf there makes a difference, it’s just an item from an old gachapon’s exchange shop that got added in like the avatar sets. It wasn’t a rare or anything nor did it take the place of any other items, plus it’s tradable so I don’t see why your post seems to be so hostile towards it.
    I would have preferred the items being tradable as well, but every item that wasn’t had been released that way, so a part of me expected that, so even as a player I wouldn’t have considered it a slap in the face, just not planned well I guess… but then again there is always the chance that even if Nexon wanted it too, they couldn’t have gotten it. So I don’t know how to feel about it, at least they tried to do right by the players that bought it in the end.
    As for the revamps, all except Royal outfitter pouch had an exchange shop, so I don’t see why that would change even in a revamp. Though, it seems like the game is going more towards having exchange shops when they can, like how the day to day gachapon even got its own shop now, but hey they could always prove me wrong.
  • Black Friday Outfitter Sets/Elch Wings Petition

    I also had noticed you said a lot about how these boxes should be going forwards not backwards, when it comes to items like sealed and airtight, but the problem is this sort of box was just reselling the old, not making anything new. So this really wasn't about going forwards or backwards, just staying the same as they were.
    This box is basically a mix between:
    Violet Witch which had Witch's Tears exchangeable through Exchange Shop
    Scarlet Flutes with Dancing Flame Shards exchangeable through Exchange Shop
    Lucky Ice Cubes and its Frigid Crystals exchangeable through Exchange Shop
    Orchid Fauna with Orchid Fauna Coupons exchangeable through Exchange Shop
    Royal Outfitter Pouches which were released so long ago (and I don't believe had an exchange shop) but the idea is that most if not all major gachapons with these valuable outfitter sets (+wings) after this one had an exchange shop so that if you spent x amount of money you would at least be able to get what you wanted.
    The Black Friday sale should have came with a similar option with "Black Friday coupons" exchangeable through the exchange shop for outfitters + wings, otherwise you could have instead resold the violet witch boxes, scarlet flutes, royal outfitter pouches separately so that someone who wanted specific outfits or the wings would have a better chance of receiving it and not a completely different item.
    While I understand where you are coming from, you missed a gachapon, Crimson Commander Package. This gachapon was basically another one of those and even though CCP and BFB were after the first exchange shop it didn't have one since it limited the amount of sales and increased rates it didn't get its own exchange shop.
    A shop would be hard to balance out with gachapons like BFB. Even without one it feels like more people got more of the rare items from this gachapon than when their respective gachapons or events released them, so I don't think the Devs would agree with the increased drop rate if they also gave a shop, even with the increased price.
    Even if they did, in all honesty, I can't see the guaranteed price of an item being any lower than when they came out in gachapons, in fact I see it closer to the max or higher (since coupon amounts would probably have to be fixed due to limiting sales), which would end up drawing more hate from players than them not having any shop at all. Not to mention the issues that occur when players won't be able to buy all the rares in the shop.

    I actually didn't mind the boxes giving Vindicator coupons instead of having their own, but I would have liked if they gave more than 1 per box. Though the fact that they gave just 1 gives me the impression that they figured players would get enough good items from the box alone and that the coupons weren't necessary, but rather just tossed in as some icing on the cake.

    About the idea of things staying the same as they were, that's not completely true:
    Check out this Midnight Wolf which first released in 2014 with the arrival of Lucky Ice Cubes. It wasn't tradable to other players for 2 years - now it's Airtight - that's progress.

    The same goes for the Golden Junior Gnoll Chieftain, last year it wasn't tradable (as shown on the left) but now it's Airtight and once again tradable to other players. This is what I mean by going forward.
    However, one thing to note is that:
    Airtight Pets won't save this game but airtight outfitters (such as those from Orchid Fauna) and wings (such as Sealed Butterfly Wings) just might.

    Well the Wolf was never inside of the Lucky Ice cube, it was always part of the shop in the past, so it was something that had to be changed no matter what if it was to be included in this gachapon. At least they think of making new items airtight when they can.

    As for the Gold chieftain, that was a revamped event, even "new" to the game since it refused to let us use old letters. I would love if they revamped all of those older gachapons to ones that gave airtight items like they did the Gold Chieftain, but that would be its own thing instead of being part of some super gachapon with all the old rares.

  • Black Friday Outfitter Sets/Elch Wings Petition

    I do not even know if NxNA can decide the trading rules. It is the Korean Devs that decide these trading rules and not necessarily the NxNA Staff. For the trading rules on these sets to be changed, it would most likely have to go through the Korean Devs. It is rather unfortunate.
    I would assume that they probably can't make them airtight, but should be able to change the status of an item to tradable, like Iset and Keaghan are. That would be enough to make people happy.
    Actually to make Keaghan and Iset tradeable it seems they had to go through KR as well, since the team at that time did say they tried to make these sort of items (the big prize from gachapons) into a non-gachapon item, but the most they could get from KR was an increased rate and tradable sets.

    Also @Delteros There was a confusion about the ability to trade Demon Hunter and Great Adventurer when it came out with the Lucky Ice Cube, which is probably where that player got the idea that they would become tradable later on, though, that was just those two sets and it was just about them gaining the ability to be traded within the player's account.
    So sorry that player seems very confused.

    I also had noticed you said a lot about how these boxes should be going forwards not backwards, when it comes to items like sealed and airtight, but the problem is this sort of box was just reselling the old, not making anything new. So this really wasn't about going forwards or backwards, just staying the same as they were.