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  • The Future Of +15 Prices And Mysterious Shard

    Keep two things in mind about the Mysterious Shard currently. There are none on the mp, and the offers players are getting from mega selling it are low balls. Players that have stocked billions of gold are financially savvy. To make billions, you save billions. Get Hustled.
  • UI lag is worse after update?

    Very choppy, especially when hosting. Still doable for me and my rig. Hopefully they fix it soon, and by "soon", I mean in under a year.
  • Abyssal Arena Farming For Seal And Titles

    That's why it's 12 to 15mins for you in an average party. I realize I can get 12K def cheaply, but my build is old school lvl 60 glass cannon and focused around bal capping with max fast stacks. I don't play it safe and die in 4 hits, but it's the way I prefer to play.

    Point is forumers can keep posting their clear times here and give their definitions of what "average" player stats and skills, in their minds, are suppose to be. But if you're hosting boats that don't persecute players based on their skill and stats, then you're going to eventually have some very tiring, long, and unenjoyable lvl 80 Arena runs for very little profit.
  • Abyssal Arena Farming For Seal And Titles

    Been running this a lot on lvl 80, and it's quickly becoming an annoying chore, if you're running it randomly with PUGs. I already got the OJ mat there and it's impossible to sell, unless you go super low on it. Seal gain per run on lvl 80, for me, has been 5 to 7 seals randomly. Each run is between 15 and 25 mins for lvl 80 and becomes tiring.

    The point is you don't have to go through the bane of running it on lvl 80. I tested lvl 60 Abyssal Arena last night and realized it gave the same amount of seals per run as lvl 80, and counts the run for the titles. The runs for lvl 60 Abyssal Arena are 10 to 12 mins for random 3 man PUG parties.

    TLDR;: If you're running Abyssal Arena just for seals and titles, and nothing else, save yourself time and mental fatigue and just run lvl 60 Abyssal Arena. Also, it's the same amount of AP in lvl 60 and lvl 80 Abyssal Arena if you are running it for AP. Xp for lvl 60 Abyssal Arena is about 1.5mil less than lvl 80.