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  • Hello, I am a fan site developer in Korea.

    Yuria was just pointing out that you can put any stats on the composite parts without restrictions; like 100 spd on lightweight shard for example.

    From my knowledge, GAMEDOT was also just a player from KR server like us. But now he quit the game but was kind enough to just let us keep using his webiste. Other Korean users have also pointed few things out that can be changed for convenience but he has stated that he would like to just manage the current server and not add any new features to it. Though, I have sent in a request to fix bugs regarding the simulator stat calculation(read my previous comment) since this is a major problem/bug; and he said he will get this fixed but just requires some time on his end.
  • Hello, I am a fan site developer in Korea.

    Currently there is a bug in the simulator which does not take into account the 2000 cap on agi and will stats. The simulator will show 1 more crit than your actual character when you are over 2133 will. As for ein lacher stats and other stats from premium outfitters, you are supposed to input them in the stat input part. The manual on how to use the simulator will be translated on official launch. What you are viewing is still a test site to see the progress of translations. Bugs and all translations will be completed then you can start using them without a problem.

    Translations are still on going and nothing on that test page is final. GAMEDOT still has to check the multiple versions of the translations and use the appropriate one. What you are seeing on the test pages are translations that were submitted FIRST. GAMEDOT has asked not to set up account on that test page yet. You can sign up once the site is officially ready.

    @people thinking about submitting translations
    I believe there is already a good number of people translating the webiste and helping hand is always welcome. However, if you are not fluent in Korean and/or English, then it might be best to leave it to others. I can only see the 'checking' process getting longer as more translation versions are submitted.
    PS>This is my thoughts and not GAMEDOT's thoughts though :)
  • Missing stat points?

    Rachnael wrote: »
    kosc wrote: »
    Did you also check if it wasn't caused by your VIP expiring?

    I think heard some stats on items below lvl90 were different from EU and NA. It might be because of this..

    Vip does not provide raw stats like WILL, INT or AGI , it gives att only .


    It gives 90 will.
  • Sea of Reflection : Post your progress

    Our party cleared as well on East. Did it twice in a row.

    First run:

    Second run:

    Fresh clears just few hours ago +joy
    Thanks for carry guys!!!
  • When is the Winter Coupon shop supposed to restock

    I don't understand how having x5 elixirs per day on each character would hurt the economy. It's not like there is lots of magic powder/blessed magic powder on the marketplace. Regardless of enchant scroll event or not, they are always short on supply. If no one has those magic powders and if no one is willing to farm those magic powders to sell, why would it hurt to give away those elixirs? I can only see it hurting the economy if many people actually do accumulate magic powder and want to sell them but that's not the case here.

    I have never ever sold any of my magic powders, also trade seals for magic powders and do 10 runs of two moons hero everyday. However, I find myself still short on them always. (and I have been playing the game for a very long time). At times, there's not even a single magic powder/blessed magic powder on the marketplace to buy.

    Even if everyone somehow managed to enchant all of their gear, and elixirs are no longer needed; when new gear comes out (lvl 95), we have to enchant the new gear again, so the magic powders will be needed again. Also, to fully enchant all your equipment, weapon and accessories, it takes ALOT of elixirs. I don't really see the demand for magic powders decreasing anytime soon (unless bots start farming them again).

    As a side note, it's Nexon that's missing out on the profit due to this. I was going to enchant my alt's gear using the enchant scroll event, however since I am so short on elixirs I don't think I will need to buy those enchant runes to enchant the gear. I have barely enough elixirs for my main.