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  • Season 3 raid event problem


    So we can only get maximum of 70 coupons since it's 10 per day and event ends Aug, 21.
    Why is there an option to exchange for myst/aby shard package for 80 coupons?
  • [WARNING] Gold dog colour is different (pics)

    Beaware the gold dog from No Bad Dogs event is different in colour compared to the KR server's gold dog. The event page shows KR server gold dog colour.
    Edit3: After reading comments, I've been collecting data and apparently only recent Nvidia graphics cards show a true golden dog.
    Tested graphics cards showing LEFT(gold) image: Nvidia GeForce GTX 750Ti, Nvidia GeForce GTX 970
    showing RIGHT(bronze) image: AMD RX 480, AMD R9 380, ATI Radeon HD 4850, ATI Radeon HD 5770, Nvidia GeForce GTX 660
    Would be nice to know if other people with Nvidia GeForce graphics cards older than GTX 700 series also see Bronze dog instead of golden one.

    Gold dog from KR server: Nvidia:

    Gold dog from NA server: AMD:

    Gold dog from event description page:

    Edit: Went to same location to see if it was lighting issue but it still looks different

    Edit2: I just realized all dogs are slightly different for us
  • Guild Storage holding gold hostage?

    The guild gold withdrawal limit is not the limit on how much a person can withdraw from storage. The max withdrawal limit for each character is fixed at 2.5mil per day. The withdrawal limit in the guild options is simply 'how much gold must be in the guild storage before people can withdraw from it'. So if you set this limit to 10mil then since the guild storage capacity is 10mil, no gold can be withdrawn from it. If you set the limit to 9mil, and there is 10mil in the storage, you can withdraw up to1mil. If there is 8mil in the storage but the limit is 9mil; then no gold can be withdrawn (until the current gold goes above 9mil). So setting this limit to 0 means you can withdraw gold from the storage without any limitations.
  • Rise update lies about damage contribution system

    Reading @RhapsodyOfFire comment, it brings back old memories.
    Back when glas ghaibhleann was the end game raid, there was 1 person who always did less than 1% dmg and they were still considered to be the mvp.
    They were in charge of reloading and stun locking the boss so that 7 other people can sandbag attack the boss for fast kill. It was important how much they can keep the boss down without breaking the combo. Normally 2 shots are required to stun the boss but experienced people only used 1 shot to stun the boss. When the boss was near the wall and you shoot its calf against the wall, it was pinned on the wall. If 2 ballista ammo was used for 1 stun, you ran out of ammo and the person on the ballista had to come join to finish the boss; resulting no one getting less than 1% dmg. But when 1 ammo was used for each stun, the person on the ballista never had to leave their spot until the boss died and received less than 1% dmg - proof that they were excellent on the ballista.

    Also for titan there were 2 people on opposite sides for the ballistae to stun lock the boss. Then later people got skilled at it and discovered 1 person can reload and stun lock the boss if one ballista was fired in quick succession and both hit the boss. It was valuable to have such player as this meant 7 people can be attacking the boss as opposed to 6. Also, due to the limited number of ballistae ammo these people had to have very high accuracy at hitting the boss.

    These people doing less than 1% damage were not considered leeches- they were mvps. Back then there weren't that many players that can man the ballista with high accuracy so good shooters were always welcomed.

    I agree with RhapsodyOfFire that the 1% dmg system is not very good at distinguishing leechers.
    Leechers will still always leech their runs. That is their nature. Now with easier to gear up characters, I start to notice very well geared leechers.
    They afk for the entire run and when the boss is about to die, they use all of their high damage skills + transformation just to get slightly over 1% for full drops.
    I consider these type of people to be more toxic leeches than a poorly geared newbie trying their best at fighting the boss.

    Another 'recently popular' type of leeches seem to be in niflheim. They don't bring potions and attack the boss with everything they have to reach 1% dmg. Then they start dying intentionally 3 times so they reach perma-death. Now they have a perfectly 'valid' reason to afk the entire run. I keep note of the names and guild names of such players but there seem to be too many nowadays that I don't bother doing niflheim in public parties anymore.

    Even for neamhain, person/people have been caught dying on purpose for the 8 minute timer because they are using dual computers to play in 2 different nemhain parties at the same time. (Neamhain is a special case since sometimes it's hard to fill the party and I occasionally allow afk leech alt if the spot is going to be empty anyway because I'll be carrying the party anyways. But deceiving the party by putting another alt in another neamhain party is just crossing the line.)

    The real leechers are probably well aware of the 1% penalty and will abuse the system like above. The only way to get rid of them is remembering their ign and using the vote-kick system.
  • Rise update lies about damage contribution system

    They probably didn't translate the patch notes correctly or are missing the later patch notes.
    In KR server, shortly after their RISE patch, the 1% = 1 core system was changed to be a "penalty system" instead of being a part of the "reward system".
    The penalty system applies to ALL dungeons except for Redeemer's.
    This change was to combat people bringing afk alts into daily missions/raids/royal army raids.
    The 1%=1core was not applied to Redeemers as it's already 1 box per run.
    Deprived wrote: »
    Stop being so selfish thinking only about yourselves, what you're capable of like getting that 1% damage day in and day out and what you can afford to buy to get bonus drops like VIP and Cadet badge in the game as if every single other player in the server is the same as you because that's not the case. Many other players have it a lot worse off than you, they don't perform as well in raids as others and can't always afford these luxuries of VIP and Cadet Badge like you might be able to.

    Just fyi, you can buy 2day-VIP from ap shop every week for 500ap and 30day-cadet badges are usually cheap on marketplace around 3mil each.

    Also, if you find it difficult to do 1% in royal army raid, you should follow this advice:
    **IF you are not lvl 95 yet, level up to 95 first. I don't recommend doing royal army until you hit 95.**

    1. Save 250 sp at the begining of the battle and use it on the transformation skill "Active: Spear of ___" (paladin/dark knight both have it). Make sure it hits the boss. You can use this skill without using transformation.

    2. Make sure you use your sp for "big" skills that you have (atomic, shield charge, fury no.7, etc). Use these skills on every cooldown. Make sure it hits the boss.

    3. Don't use your sp for support skills that buff the party. You can start using these skills once you are confident you can do more than 1% in royal army raids.

    4. If you die and people don't revive you, ask them to revive you on the chat - and be nice (sometimes people don't notice if you die in a corner).

    5. If you do get in a party where people don't tend to revive the dead, focus on not dying and also, you shouldn't waste time reviving other people too. It's sad but the boss might die too fast and you end up getting less than 1% dmg if you go around reviving dead people instead of focusing on dpsing. (This is the worst type of party. I just leave if I don't want to bother).

    6. Consider using "Waking Stone: Damage Boost (10%)" on your main damage skills (costs around 1mil each).

    7. Use the seal shop to upgrade your weapon to +13 lvl 90 asap - it's free

    8. Don't forget to use all the 'buff' items you have like:
    soaps(+1000 attack, +1000 def, +500 hp, +3 sp per 10 seconds)
    fury stimulants (for 60 seconds every attack has 80% chance to increase attack by 4010 and balance by 15) -- sold at seal shop if you don't want to spend gold
    kitty's encouragement potion(+500 attack)
    campfire(+225 attack at rank A)
    ap shop's epaulet+necklace (+800 attack, +800 def)
    vip (+190 attack, +100 will)
    cadet badge (+600 def)
    and more event buffs/older buff items if your character is older.
    Just adding up all the above items gives +2715 attack and 2400 def.
    Remember, royal army raid has no attack cap, so more attack means better.

    **And later, when you are powerful enough to do more than 1% damage, you'll know the newbie's pains so be kind; revive the dead people and use sp on support skills that buff the party.