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  • I need help identifying the chest armor piece here

    ok i found out its royal guard set

  • Use Active Skill 20 times

    Rezi wrote: »
    I didn't ask how, I asked why...

    In any case, shouldn't you only be focusing on a few characters at one time? Why would you do dailies for 6+? That's what gets me.

    because there's an event going on where you can get a +11 rune (100%) for level 90 gear if you get 24 daily tokens (1 per day per character) = 10 of those runes for me on my account.
  • I feel so dissapointed

    They are milkin' the Teide players! >: )
  • Teide Release - Monster Bingo Event

    I tested it out, saved 5 tickets yesterday, and got 5 more today making 10 tickets total. I was able to use all 10 tickets today at once, to buy 2 bingo numbers at once.

    It is wise to just save and hoard your tickets until they do the log-in event with pouches - get the pouches, see what #'s you get, and fill in the blanks with your other hoarded tickets to choose the #'s you do not have.
  • Have not played in years!

    The storyline path for leveling has been greatly shortened so that you can level up faster than before. Best to use VVIP service when leveling to get up even higher, with more EXP / AP , more drops, and more ATT / MATT.

    We now have sauna baths in colhen and rocheste, when people drop bath soaps in them (which will be announced in global system chat) you can go in the bath to get the +1000 ATT/M.ATT buff and other buffs. Make sure you switch to their channel (announced as well).

    There is a new channel for your character, which links you up with other Evies to chat about techniques and skills, etc. It will be great to use that channel to re-learn your Evie. Just type in /evie in your chat bar, and you will be talking in the Evie chatroom with other evies!

    4 major areas in Season 2, the jungle and pirate ship can be cleared fast. The desert is medium length. Misty Peaks Summit is tedious and length. You should clear season 2 in about 10-14 hours of play probably. Season 3 is nice because every quest is short and sweet for each chapter.

    That's all I can think of for now.