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The Evil Crystal Event & Questions

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So for those of you who don't know Evil Crystal is the NA Version of Demon Crysal from Korea which is Macha's set which to me isn't really a cute set so this is going to be a bummer crystal for me what I am curious about is that after there is a Chinese New Year Event its not a crystal but it last about a week with little chinese new years dresses the link will be below for both the Demon Crystal and The Chinese New Year Event (In between is the Succubus Comrade):

Macha: heroes.nexon.com/News/notice/View?page=1&postno=6246&Category=5

Succubus Comrade: heroes.nexon.com/News/notice/View?page=1&postno=6308&Category=5

Asian Outfits: heroes.nexon.com/News/notice/View?page=1&postno=6337&Category=5

They are all interesting sets the Chinese one to me is cute I don't like Macha's it reminds me of like a cougar at the club kind of look so what I am curious about is are we not doing another gacha after Macha because I really want the Knight Gacha it comes with, That cute Russian Dress and Succubus Queen (Which is actually just a normal set in that crystal so she is probably going to go back to 200 mil which is great imo). I am very appreciative of the things to come but I want an outfit after Macha's not the Succubus Queen Comrade will we be getting the Comrade and the next gacha outfit because we are four months behind meaning next month should have been the Knight Crystal if we were on time with updates so I don't really know what the plan is for that I am guessing we aren't doing the Chinese New Year one seeing as it wouldn't be the Chinese New Year so I am guessing the Knight Crystal would be next. (Knight Crystal even is shown below).

Knight Crystal: heroes.nexon.com/News/notice/View?page=1&postno=6352&Category=5

^ This one is the one I am most excited released almost three months ago and it has so many outfits in it I really hope that we breeze by Macha's because Macha's really isn't anything we haven't seen before the set in Macha's looks like a cheaper version of Succubus Queen so hopefully this one ends early cause she is not the T sis especially with how it looks on other chars rather then Macha I am sure this set will go for a 1B (even though it shouldn't its not cute) so I am really hoping we get the knight set sooner then 3 months from now cause then we would be back to being 6 months behind Korea and I want to be 4 and stay 4 soo hopefully next month ona round 6/1/2019 I believe this event ends we get the Knight Crystal what is your opinion on the matter what do you want to see because I am going to be honest I don't care for Macha's set it is not cute to me in the slightest however it will still be here for a month with us. Or maybe who knows maybe the Evil Crystal is both Macha's and Claire's combined which I doubt but thats what I am hoping for cause I really don't care for Macha's look.


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    The only gacha that was worth it was the Balor Outfit + Wings, but since I couldn't pull either during the time frame the gacha was available, I'll be patiently waiting for a re-sale.