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Updating Fiona's Emotes

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I never created a thread about this before, so I'm gonna do it now.
I've always thought that Fiona's emotes are pretty similar to Lann's in almost every command. Since she's one of the first characters, her emotes should be upgraded with something unique.
I really wish they would change the following ones:

- /Greetings
- /Dance (they can do it better, this one is quite old)
- /Victory
- /Breakdown
- /Follow

Fiona mains, what do you think about this?


  • BabyDaniBabyDani
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    edited May 22, 2018
    /greetings - pretty blah
    /dance - i like fiona's dance, it's cute...
    /victory - fiona's fist pump is awesome
    /breakdown - i like this one a lot
    /follow - lame
    /sit - awful
    /bow (or w/e, F7) - could be much better

    i just wish they would unlock all emotes for all characters. my fiona wants karok dance! +fight
  • SerikaSerika
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    I think the /bow is the same for all classes (one for males and one for females).
    Anyway the /breakdown is the same as Lann's, they should give a unique movement for her, same thing as /greetings /victory and /follow, too much similar.

    The /dance is not bad but it's pretty static, it'll be cool if they would add something more.