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Battle Shade - First feeling and EU Vids?

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in Lynn
Mek mek,
so how do u like Blute (Battleshade) on EU so far?
Did someone made already some solo vids?


  • PhaliantPhaliant
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    I personally dislike it so no video is gonna be made soon (at least from me).

    As for a reason or why, well I can only say that I find the weapon to feel messy in its patterns and is "lacking something" compared to Glaive (especially combo's and these 2 keys that have to be pressed before using smashes which I hate).

    Also, right/left click switchs is just making it more confusing into combo'ing (imo) and I don't like them either.

    On the other hand, I feel that the weapon have great potential by how it has been designed and how it flow between skills but it just doesn't fit me and my playstyle.

    Like I said already, it's a versatile weapon that needs good management and specific keys output to perform well even in good hands but does poor otherwise.

    I can"t really say more since I don't wanna put more effort or invest more time into mastering and getting in-depth with it since I don't like it but some Lynns will do, I guess but it won't be me.

    What I wonder however is : are there Battleshade specific title ? If yes, someone managed to find/get them all ? (yet)

    I hope you do enjoy it anyway!
  • LoyusLoyus
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    Z Sam has a few videos on youtube. Z Sam's Channel
  • SamalenkoSamalenko
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    Loyus wrote: »
    Z Sam has a few videos on youtube. Z Sam's Channel

    yes I have been learning and making Blüte video.

    I disagree with Yupla. I personally really love Battleshade. It's the most complex and fun weapon ever among the chars I have played. It's like, she's literally got all the goodies for us players to deal with any possible situation , but you are struggling how to master her abilities instead of crying around the lack of her toolkit. Also the complexity is absolutely necessary , there's no useless moves on blüte. It's exactly the complexity that achieves the most insane variety of combos that Vindi has to offer.

    This is a training video I made while doing some zecallion solo
    Will be working on the rest of Einlachers and whole S3+Niflheim solo. My ultimate goal would be neamhain solo .

    I highly recommend everyone to try this new weapon . It might be hard and challenging but man who could resist the fun lies beyond.

  • PrototypemindPrototypemind
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    I'd say the main problem is that players can't really learn how to use it well until hitting S3 more or less. The S1 bosses melt in two hits, and the S2 bosses attack patterns have been dumbed down and slowed so much that there's not much to do that requires using Blue properly.

    I just picked it up the other day and all I could think was that this is how all characters need to be revamped. Karok & to some extent Hurk are the only other characters that come close to this ease of transition from movement to dodging to attacking and being able to stay on the boss the way Lynn does with Blute. It also makes it clear how much Glaive needs to be updated with the shamefully long charging or L build up before being able to release first one smash, then a second to leave marks. Constantly being able to enhance attacks or speed them up vs massive SP drain for quick marks just doesn't compare.

    With S4 coming at some point and probably not a ton of life left in the game, along with second weapons still left to be revealed for a few characters, I doubt we'll see any major revamps that put other characters near this level of fun and versatility, but I certainly hope we do. Also 8-man needs to come back while they're at it =p