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Skills dissapearing into the ground more often?

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edited July 18, 2017 in Evie

It might be me, but I have the idea that staff skills are dissapearing into the ground way more often than before.

I'm not sure 'since when' but this might be since RISE update? Or did they change 'range' of joyous crook?
I'm just speculating things and stuff that seems to happen to me.

Are there more staff evies who have the same 'problem'?


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    I remember a few times when a couple spells hit some places in the arena (Crom) and wasted t4 lighting because a rock was slightly higher. I few times with raze when a drop or dead mob is blocking the shot. And a few times where it just goes off in the wrong direction. but this has been happening forever. I am afraid if they do change it now, it will be removing evie spells instead of trying to fix them.