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[German/English] Phoenix - CLOSED

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Recruitment Status: Closed

The Guild has been disbanded due to lack of activity by the members.

The Recruitment is limited to 20 Members +Leaders

We are an International Guild. The current Languages used are English and German.
We have a Teamspeak Server and when you are online in Vindictus you should be on TS, otherwise it is desired. It is not a requirement to have a microphone. We also have AFK Channels for ingame idling.

We offer you:

- Very active and accessible Leaders
- Daily hosting of Raids(S2, S3)
- A Lag-Free 24/7 Teamspeak Server with 26 Slots and unlimited File-Transfer (powered by green energy :D)
- Company for farming any kind of Battles
- Niflheim Parties
- Tower of Struggle (Abyssal Arena) Runs

We expect from everyone:

- Be honest to each other
- Be self sufficient
- If you want to do S3: At least 21k att/matt and 210 ABC, otherwise we don't have a Stat requirement
- Have Experience with Bosses' Attack Patterns and Srategies
- To have Experience with your Character
- To Inform us in case of inactivity
- Ask for help if you need it, we don't bite
- Talk to a Leader if you think there is a problem with someone/something in the Guild

What we don't need:

- People begging for Money or Items
- People that want to create Drama
- Racism or in general disrespectful behaviour
- Twinks in the Guild, they are allowed but only if you are in Phoenix with your Main Char
- People who spread hate or look down upon weaker players

I don't have those requirements, can I still join?
We do take players new to the game that are willing to learn, have high Goals and a decent level of Skill.
We will not take newbies that want to exploit the Help of others, or do not play actively to fullfill their Goals and become a Full Member of our Guild.
If you want to be carried all the time, this is the wrong Guild for you.

How do you apply?
Message LadyFaye or Ikterus (Mail works too) ingame by saying that you are interested in our Guild. We will then play some Battles with you. If everything seems fine we will invite you to our Teamspeak Server, so we can have a conversation about your application.

In Case of inactivity:
If you go inactive without telling us before, these are the kick-times:
Rookies after 7 Days of inactivity.
Members after 21 Days of inactivity.

Good luck!



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    bump - edits made, no more stat requirements for joining
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    bump - Also looking for Neamhain Ready People.
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    Phoenix has been disbanded for an undefined time.