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How do I land Swift Assassin with Killer Dart?

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in Lynn
Lynn's move Killer Dart. How do I land Swift Assassin with Killer Dart? It does not seem to activate. Also what is Furious Tiger?


  • NoburoNoburo
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    edited January 22, 2017
    Killer Dart doesn't apply Swift Assassin on its own, it's a second way of getting Furious Tiger.

    Furious Tiger is a buff (purple icon with a blade on it) that causes your next smash which applies Swift Assassin to apply one more than usual. You get that buff by hitting an enemy with Little Rat or Killer Dart, and you can turn it into Zhen Furious tiger if you use both methods. Zhen Furious Tiger adds another bonus Swift Assassin to your next application.

    For example: Hit enemy with Little Rat>Hit enemy with Killer Dart>Hit enemy with Fishtail Pole = 3 Swift Assassins applied.