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Trans.Canceling/Reaper+Arcane explained!, banable?

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Gaiax wrote: »
Hey guys,
first of all: I am sorry if theres already a thread about it, I just couldnt find it +pain
so what i wanted to ask is how can you insta Transform into dark knight/paladin and how is the trick with reaper buff and arcane gate.

About the transformation canceling I heard something about charging with a skill, but dunt rly know...

The reaper + arcane trick happens to me randomly, when I click insane reaper and then spamm arcane gate, so sometimes I can use both when I have enough SP for only reaper buff. Also, I am sometimes able to cancel the arcane gate animation when you enter it right after activating, but again, I dont rly know how.

EDIT: So after some time trying I found out how it works: (Requirement: Transformation, Insane reaper and arcane gate skill equiped on a quickslot)

Transformation animation canceling (Go right into your transformation without having the transformation animation, therefore having like 7sec invulnerability):
- You run (move + shift) -> hold R (Charging eagle talon) -> hold Grab (e) -> hold (or click?) Transormation buttom
- YOu will cahrge up an eagle talon, and at the end when you would place your magic mine, you will go into your transformation

Reaper buff + arcane gate: (Using both skills for the cost of only the sp you need for Arcane Gate, default 750 SP)
- When you have 750 SP and both skills are activatable, move, and WHILE you move, activate both skills at the same time. (I activate insane reaper and right afterwards arcane gate)
- Evie will hold both hands up (animation at the beginning for insane reaper) and then "slays" down, opening a gate and therefore going into arcane gate (animation in the middle-end of arcane gate skill)
In addition: Theres also a trick where you can go straight into the dimension without any animation. I think its done with the trick above right after you snap (with RMB) to activate mark of death, bloody thread etc) But its stil unconfirmed.

BUT: I still dont know if these 2 tricks are "banable", since you (we) are abusing a bug/glitch which kinda gives a huge advantage over others.


  • NitroLuxNitroLux
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    I remember you could skip while casting eagle talon, but i'm not sure if it's still working
  • MyayenMyayen
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    Well, I could only answer the trans skip question, so sorry about that!
    Also, the trans skip for Evie still works! :D

    1. What you basically want to do is get Eagle Talon to at least rank 9, so that you are able to charge Magic Mine.
    2. Once you get that to r9, you need to start start running and hold the smash button in order to activate the Magic Mine bar.
    3. Before the Magic Mine bar does fill up completely, be sure to press the transformation skill (as hard as it sounds), but be sure to also hold the smash button even after clicking the transformation skill.
    4. The Magic Mine will automatically cancel out the trans animation, so just keep holding the smash button.

    And there you have it! Sorry if it was a little confusing, but I'll try to reword it for you if I can?
    Here's a video for a kinda reference in case you didn't understand my oddly-worded instructions.

    skip to 16:21

    Good luck! C:
  • GaiaxGaiax
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    No need, but ty :D The transformation animation cancel is pretty easy: while charging eagle talon you hold grab, then activate transform. The moment you finish eagle talon is the moment you end the transformation animation.
    Just need an exact turtorial for reaper buff + arcane gate, it only works for me sometimes.
    Also: Is it banable when you use them?

    EDIT: Found out how it works (thanks to a korean streamer :D)
    Reaper + arcane gate: WHILE moving, use reaper and arcane gate at the same time. You will be able to use both skills with 750 SP +yay
  • MyayenMyayen
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    I doubt it's bannable since trans skips can also be used by other characters as well.
    Not sure about the Arcane Gate/Insane Reaper trick as well, but I doubt that too. :D
  • X1Guts1XX1Guts1X
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    Acutally, I'm not sure if it's because I got better internet connection or patch/maintenance, but Reaper + Arcane Gate is easier to pull of now than ever before. I can pull this off 100% of the time now, before maybe 80%.

    All you do is trigger reaper and arcane gate abilities at same time WHILE moving forward. Practice makes perfect, good luck !
  • TheNewKaiTheNewKai
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    this still works if anyones wondering...