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  • [Event] Show Off Your Guild

    NA | Veteran | 300 Members | 79,670+ GP

    Hi guys, my IGN is shizukaa and I am the current guild master of Veteran (NA server). Our guild motto is "Veterans, writing history for the Heroes of tomorrow"- credits to admin Gosulift. Veteran had originally started off as a private guild, it was a small guild with less than 10 friends. Eventually we started accepting other friends and in doing so, we decided as a guild to open recruitment to the public so that others too can join us on our adventures. Being in a number of guilds myself, I noticed that many didn't have the "family vibe" I was looking for. It was merely a group of people that didn't really talk to each other or lacked any real motive to want to play/improve their character in the game. What makes our guild special is that our bond in the guild extends past Vindictus; we actually talk to each other outside the game and have gotten to know each other on a more personal level. We communicate often on our discord server via voice chat; we share our laughs together, rants and more importantly we are there when someone is feeling down. We work together in clearing raids, and organise times to run redeemers weekly. We don't leave anyone out.

    Quite recently, I found out that our guild storage had been raided by a greedy member (now an ex member) who took the majority of our mats/items and sold them on marketplace. I wasn't online at the time, but when I managed to get on that evening I noticed that each of our other members had contributed generously to the storage to recover what we had lost. It was from this moment I realised that we were all in this together. Our current members are kind, considerate and always willing to help others.

    Our biggest achievement would be having others recommend our guild as a choice for new players or those seeking a different guild to join. We are currently one of the most active guilds in the game, and that alone I believe is an achievement in itself. Some future goals for the guild would include strengthening the relationships in our guild to the point where we know who each of us are, to allow our shyer members to be more open and comfortable in voicing their thoughts/opinions, and to of course maintain a guild house (next future update) that we all can be proud of!

    Voice chat from our Guild discord server! :D

    We have a number of interesting facts in the guild, one being that at one point, the guild had 3-4 rank 1 characters (GosuLift-Vella, Grenadier-Fiona, Florrick-Arisha, LookatmyDPS-Hurk (former)). A few of our guildies are known to drop premium soap on our guild channel, and interestingly enough I have met a few people (not from our guild) that have actually made our channel their starting channel for the chance of soap being already dropped in our hot springs. Half of the current admins/mods from the Vindictus (NA) discord are also admins in Veteran. We actually have a lot of female players in the guild. Some of us have taken it to the next level and have met each other in real life (myself included)!


    To sum it up, we are a very close knit group. We look out for each other and treat each other like family. We are always more than happy to accept new members under our wing :)
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    He was an online bully, and that shouldn’t be tolerated anywhere. I hope he’s had some time away to reflect on his actions.
  • Guild Housing update

    This would mostly appeal to the more larger/active guilds on the server. Seems like a fun concept, and will give me reason to spend $ on my friends :)
  • Discord | VINDICTUS (West)

    Vindictus Secret Santa Event! :)

    Christmas is approaching and we have a fun event for everyone to participate in. We are hosting a server wide Secret Santa! For those who may not be familiar with what this is, it is a secret gift exchange where you will be given a name to give a gift to (without the person knowing until the actual exchange) and someone else will give you one in return! The event details are as follows:

    Tuesday 12th - Sunday 17th: Please submit your interest in joining in the #december_event channel. Write your IGN and level. Include also a brief sentence, on the type of things you would like (must fall within the 5-20m price range). (:

    Monday 18th - Sunday 24th: Names will be randomly drawn on Monday 18th. An admin will PM you the name that is assigned to you.
    You have until Sunday 24th to send your gift to your selected person. Once you have sent your gift, please contact an admin so that your name can be ticked off!

    Must join the Discord server to participate. Server invite is: https://discord.gg/sn3r66Q <3