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  • You're going down a path I can't follow

    I have to agree with you, I could look past of all the things Nexon has thrown at us be gachas, horrible drop rates and so on.

    But to implement a fatigue system is just the worst thing they could have done, there is nothing fun about having a system that restricts playing and it won't affect bots instead it will affect legit players and I'm talking from experience.

    I can only hope that they realize that implementing such system is NOT needed nor welcome here in the west and remove it altogether.
  • New Voice for Characters

    Venerator wrote: »
    Miri Picking Up Objects NA Voice

    Miri Chainswing NA Voice

    That picking object voice felt like cries for help and the chain swing voice, its like she feels unbearable pain whenever she does that move. They really butchered her voice.
  • New Voice for Characters

    Icyz wrote: »
    If combat sounds had been properly implemented and not rushed as they surely feel this could have worked.

    It really looks like nobody tested them in game with end gear. (attack speed plays a lot against the repetitiveness and length of the recorded sounds)
    Also some skills will 100% play the same exact sounds again and again every. single. time.
    Also as previously mentioned the sounds equalization is really bad. Some are way louder than others and overall louder than the kr version. We hear them way too much in comparison to the other combat sounds such as hitting, metal sounds etc. They stand out too much.

    If you don't want to give a toggle for whatever reason, at least work on implementing the combat sounds properly.

    This is so true, the higher your attack speed is, the more awful the combat voice sounds. Because the new grunts /sighs are way longer and can't keep up with the actions that the character is doing, compared to the korean combat voices which are shorter.

    I miss my Vella's old voice please bring it back, now she yells so hard and her voice is so deep I can't stand it.
    Her voice lines (dialogue is okay) but god her combat voice is not.
  • New Voice for Characters

    Please revert the in-combat voice like grunts ,sighs. Adding voice dialogue to the game is a great thing I'm not against that, but the new combat voice is terrible, it doesn't flow well with the actual actions when fighting and overlaps terribly. It makes me feel like muting the game altogether because is so annoying.
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  • Post 'em pics of yurrr vella