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  • What you like/dislike at rise Vindictus?

    Health potion quick use
    Free Decent Gear at 90+
    The ability to obtain a +15 through work (I've played since beta and have been so unlucky that I've never passed +11 on ANY CHARACTER)
    Parthalon Vanguard
    Guild homes
    Quick Battle

    Potion Heavy Drink Mechanic removal
    Removal of 8 person raids
    hard mode Removal
    Trivialization of old end game bosses
    Dead Content
    Memories of the Past Separation
    old Raids are no longer classified as Raids
    Hero Mode Rebalancing
    Hero Mode has no current purpose
    Quick Battle
    Quick Battle Crit/Bal Stat requirements
    New Bosses Stat reliance
    Silly stat requirement jumps between battles
    New Stat items's crafting dropped in new Battle THAT REQUIRES THE STAT TO JOIN
    Bracelets horrid Drop Rates never being fixed or used to fix other aspects that were broken by Rise
    Removal of 8 man raids with the reselling of NPCs that take up the spaces of old players FOR AROUND 300$

    I'm probably missing some things but as I wrote this out my headache was getting worse and worse
    Hope you understand

    The things that hurt the most is the 8 man raids being removed and trivialization of old content
    Nothing matters until you reach level 90+ and then legit new players are gonna get their butts handed to them and probably give up because they were never challenged until this point

    I don't know how to fix everything but this could breath new life in old content
    I'd suggest making a new difficulty something like "Macha's Revenge"
    A new 8-Man mode(no partner pets) that makes all battles take stats out of the equation and gives each character their own stats per battle based on the person's build while simultaneously making the bosses more difficult by giving them more abilities and attacks including some Cinematic boss ults that can outright body multiple people simultaneously

    Rewards would include outfitter versions of regular gear In 3, sometimes 4 Variants
    Basic: how the armor regularly looks
    Incomplete: few armors currently have an Incomplete look (Example is the Northern Pike body without spikes)
    Broken: how the armor looks broken
    (New) Epic looking: A new take on current gear that looks more flashy and amazing

    Score will be determined by Damage, Revivals, Support.(chainhooks/clash/ults/Ect) Revivals and Support contributing significantly more than Damage
    Revivals by a Flat but large amount Support by 30% of damage done while boss is Crowd controled (Hurks deflect wouldn't count as it already boosts his damage) Supports that saves lives or prevents a big move will gain an extra 1/3rd of what a Revival gives on top of what it gains naturally

    Top 3 will have a chance to get a box(drop chance will increase with every top 3 Victory) that will allow them to choose what version of the outfit piece they want from this battle(Broken/Incomplete when available/Regular/New Epic looking) while everyone else will only have a chance at a random drop for the different outfits(with the exception of the New Epic looking Variant) other drops would include Bracelet boxes and Gem Box Keys as well as New useful Variants of old removed Enchants that give interesting abilities similar to the Tier 90+ Gear but have middling stats overall

    Battles that killed the most people during the week will drop a few Triumph medals during the weekend upon completion

    I think this kind of thing could bring back some of the love and nostalgia this game used to have while breathing new life into old content
    Could you Imagine some of the ridiculous things old bosses could do

    White Tyrant pulling Furious Seven

    Ulchas pulling a Massive Sword out of the ground and dropping it down with a massive explosion that summons a bunch of blades for everyone that survived

    Gnoll Cheiftan Throwing his Hammer like Karok thows his pillar before grabbing two players spinning around slamming them into other players before launching them at the back line Charging his hammer down and grabbing it with a spinning swing

    Thor running people down gobbling them up frying them in it's mouth using lightning where their teammates can try to Chain Hook from out of the water and rip it's mouth open so the captured players can get out alive

    It sounds like a lot of work but it'd be something that I believe most of the playerbase would really enjoy
    The rewards would be worthwhile the battles would be difficult you wouldn't be able to stat your way to victory
    best of all it'd just be a bunch of fun

    Sure a few bosses could be somewhat cheap to make an 8man party semi important
    but I myself enjoyed Vindictus the most when the fight was legit difficult I still remember when White Tyrant was the endgame
    Where Fiona's shield could break and almost all bosses did around 1/4th of my life per hit
    Mistakes led to death and people had to learn every boss and their Gimmicks

    This has just been some thoughts kicking around in my head they aren't quite complete and would likely need tweaking if they were to be implemented
    But the idea of it is pretty cool in my opinion
  • Do you like to be TOP DPS?

    Honestly I'm just happy as long as the boss doesn't keel over in less than 2 mins XD
  • Why do u show us these if you're not gonna give it

    Cloakshire wrote: »
    My question is why people want to look like wannabe trendy hipsters?

    I already look like a clown in my spare time why not give me more options
  • Vindictus Twitch Bounty Fail or Success?

    Yea Rise hurt Vindi more than it helped with how it COMPLETELY removed any challenge until level 90 content
    Lets not forget that they removed character slots for raids made them significantly easier to compensate then sold us back the character slots for 300$ each without the player >.>

    The endgame content was unplayable without getting your gear passed +10 which could have destroyed it completely in the process leaving you stranded till you farm more and more and more until you happened to get lucky enough (I've played this game since beta and NEVER got lucky enough to upgrade a gear beyond 10 without Guarantees through grinding...(heck i failed +13 6 times using safety runes and rebind scrolls)) just to experience the content eventually they Updated the level of gear they give the player base to +12 practically nullifying any hard work anyone who struggled put in to get there themselves AND WE STILL CANNOT EXPERIENCE EVERYTHING in fact the grind just became HARDER to match up as they added a stat that doesn't matter just to force more numbers that the player base has to grind up while throwing away everything they worked on because they need ALL the stats to even join a battle

    Which leaves me with about 10 battles I can do a day...everyday....and nothing else

    I honestly cannot express how bad that is or how frustrating it is from my position who had stayed with this game since beta

    Also this game is riddled with pretty important bugs that have never been fixed(Like Vella's Face Tank Crosscut or Dellia's Magnetic Dodge) and still doesn't run smoothly on just about anything (GTX980Ti + 1 Year old Computer of pretty high quality = Still gets 40FPS that drops to 20FPS in some areas and moments)

    It's really frustrating
    If they want to Pay Streamers to show the game off they need to Fix allot of the issues plaguing it first

    If they could do one thing to revitalize content in the games current state I'd suggest making hero mode raids guarantee a Bracelet box Increase the difficulty of them a bit and allow 8 man raids with no Companions
  • Is there a way to make my UI smaller?

    You need to change the Resolution