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  • Comrade - Neamhain

    It still kills me that they removed 8 person parties to turn around and sell you back party members for 300$ each
  • I love vindictus

    I also love it
    Though there are moments that it's just depressing

    Missed yesterdays log in tried to catch it this morning remembered that they changed the day reset time to 2am
    I just immediately closed the game didn't even wait for today's thing to finish
    This kind of thing has been happening more and more often for me

    The game is so unoptimized that even starting it up is becoming a chore
    The amount of issues with this alone is STAGGERING
    1. I have to start it up twice in succession on steam or else it won't load
    2. Sometimes steam will think that i'm still playing on the first try so i have to task manager it and relog in
    3. It takes about 5 mins to get to the log in screen
    4. If i let it sit on the log in screen for about 5 mins it'll forget who I am and I'll have to restart back to issue 1
    5. It's my Birthday today Just making sure you're actually reading this also it really is
    6. It flips over to character selection with a total of 30 frames not per second in about 5 seconds
    7. it takes about 3 mins to load after selecting a character
    8. My computer's screen freaks the heck out if I ever Tab in some cases leaving lasting visual distortions until I turn the screen off and back on
    9. The Fps is hilariously low(in some cases being a cool 10FPS but normally bouncing around 20-50) considering I can play up to Soulcalibur 6 on 4K60fps with no issues

    Then when I do finally bring myself to get it started I just run the same 13ish "battles"(as they last the entirety of 3-10mins each)
    in hopes of luck to finally be on my side so that I can join that 14th 15th and 16th battle

    Not to mention the fact that they have been putting use by timers on event items as of recent
    I've lost about 7 PERMANENT inner armors and hairs because of that(it's not like I participated in the event and should be able to enjoy my reward when I want)
    which prompts me to just stop playing again

    Honestly I really do love the game
    I just want it to love me back

    Anyway I'll probably log in for the forge mistress package...or I won't... once again Orz
  • New Character - Bel

    These are the Two best Videos I could find so far on the Character and her Mechanics

    You should watch them in order for easier comprehension
    The first Vidya shows her attacks and what they do while telling you what they are
    The second Vidya shows her SP skills but doesn't tell you exactly what they are
    I hope I could help anyone's curiosity
  • June balance changes and... new character?

    Looks like she might have some Martial Arts in her Kit

    Wonder if she'll toss her Axe like some sort of loli Pillar Karok XD
  • Do you like to be TOP DPS?

    rondomiza wrote: »
    @Sir_Render & Cloakshire
    why then just solo content? more bosses for you =) and you can really "go in and give it your all"
    yeah less core per hour (if you care) but more enjoyable fights

    For me specifically
    Vindictus was the most fun when bosses could tank an entire party of 8 people
    The bosses didn't die instantly heck sometimes the party would get wiped
    but I really enjoy the mutual struggle with a large group

    As time has gone on I could solo bosses in decent time but it just doesn't have the same epic scale to me
    I'd rather be a band of 8 weaklings taking the boss down in say 20ish mins after an epic struggle
    Than either taking it down in 1min in a party of 4 or 8 mins by myself