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  • Korean Equipment Simulator

    People probably already know about this site from other threads, but the link was dead (for me at least) and new people might appreciate this so here ya go.


    It's all in Korean, but google translate will be your friend when using this site (and looking back and forth between the game and the site)

    After making an account to save your profiles on, click on your character's portrait and go on from there.

    Good luck with your builds! (and not going insane from making it ;) )

    No idea if there is an updated one since the tabs on the side say that this is an old/outdated equipment simulator
  • NEW Map / Raid / Reedemer Information (22.12.2017)

    And this is what happens when Balor takes out the last survivor in your party https://clips.twitch.tv/LitigiousUgliestGaurBleedPurple

    Nope, it happens even when it's not the last person alive

    It's just an insta-kill move like Neamhain's
  • Vindictus "RISE" Update Patch Notes Translation

    About RISE: There is one major point I want to make clear to everyone after I had my experience with the update. The update in no way shape or form revolves around the enhance/stat changes. It's mainly a QOL Update (Quality of Life Update) so it does mainly focus on the early game changes. Honestly I hate the enhance changes and stat changes but the update overall is a great update. The potion thing I can't really get used to but I'll want until future content gets released further before I judge that change. I can see it having some new concept to how raids and battles can be done in the future. I haven't used a repair kit yet so I can't judge that. The reconstruction of Perilous Ruins is great. I personally LOVE that. I can't wait to see the other S1 dungeons get reconstructed like that.

    Now about the next upcoming update: as we all know Miri is next in the list. However there was something else I just remembered. Season 3 Chapter 2 Episode 3 is also on the way for that same month. So that leaves me with 2 major things to show everyone in the month of July.

    I agree with you on your enhancement complaints, but I don't like the way potions/consumables are being dealt with at all. I liked the fact that if you decided to drink/repair you had to take a risk for it. It made the game at least somewhat more challenging in that you should learn a boss before you decided for certain that you were safe to use a consumable. Now everything is a merc potion...i15634923878.gif

    Hell, with this new update, no one will have to learn how to fight bosses if they get one shot (that is if they keep it this way even though it's supposedly just a quality test). Everyone will just want to get highly enhanced gear since the game supports you for doing so over actually giving an effort to just learning how to fight bosses. If you so much as get below 3% damage on a boss, you are only going to receive one core from a boss. So even if I played normally, I'll know that I won't do any damage whatsoever if I have someone with crazy gear in my party.

    This update is going to ruin the game, they might as well change "Rise" to "Fall" with how things are going in terms of making this game like every other power creep game out there.
  • Berbhe Screenshot Contest [ Submission ] Ends 1/6


    IGN: xXIcoXx
    Server: West

    Link: http://i.imgur.com/GfxYWiJ.jpg