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  • New pet? Dogs?

    SirRFI wrote: »
    I recall they had golden chicken as a pet last year too. Never arrived here - probably for the better. Dogs could be nice, except for the pointless variations like full gold. Won't stand that annoying barking though.

    It's for Chinese new year. Last year was the Rooster, this year is Dog. Unsurprising that we're not getting any of these.
  • Ambient Occlusion?

    Some more information for anyone else wanting to try out Ambient Occlusion-

    If you just can't get it to work with a profile for Vindictus.exe, Set the profile to "Global_Driver_Profile" in the drop down list. Bear in mind, you will have to turn Ambient Occlusion off after you finish playing. (just set the "Ambient Occlusion usage" setting to enabled/disabled)

    Some popular AO compatibility settings for Vindictus are:

    - Aeon (for very dark looking Ambient Occlusion)
    - Black Desert
    - Skyrim
    - Guild wars 2
    - Counter Strike Global offensive (as it's also source engine)

    Feel free to experiment with others, and let us know which one you like. I'd like to see a screenshots thread or something comparing the same area with different settings.

    Colhen docks has flickering if you look at the entrance towards the town and move the view left/right; it turns Ambient Occlusion on/off. It's annoying but only appears to happen in the Colhen docks area, and i guess you could use this to see the difference with it on and off.

    Goodluck and happy hunting!
  • You guys messed up your texture or lighting

    Noticed it right away too! seems to be on metallic surfaces. my weapon was supposed to be nearly black, but its bright silver now.. Fix it please!
  • Worth coming back post-rise?

    I didn't say i ran it all day. Its something i liked to do (solo or with friends) while i wasn't raiding or playing end game, FOR FUN. My point was the bosses themselves have NO satisfaction or challenge to them at all.. They could have left Hero mode alone at least. Can you honestly name One thing whats improved since Rise, other then Enchant/Enhance Shards? In any case, what you think the point of Vindictus was is your opinion too.
  • Worth coming back post-rise?

    That being said, literally Everything else in the game has died a horrible death. For years I loved logging in and playing hero mode Lionotus, Ingkells, Dragons, Havan, Juggernaut etc.. but now, "Hero" mode is literally the same as the old Easy mode (long pauses between attacks, and really slow moving). They've removed everything what made this game fun. But if all you're after is Neam and S3, then you'll be fine.