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  • Shouldn't this outfit be in the outfitter shop?

    They should include the non special one in the outfitter shop imo because whales are still gonna go after the coveted +2 balance but what do I know.
  • is NA stuff better than EU??

    They have a ton of random seasonal event maps they can swap in over the years if making new content is the problem. It just seems they are completely tunnel-visioned on gacha cosmetics, raid bosses and new characters over in kr.
  • [Deleted]

    While yes Vindy does employ many of the trappings of a typical looter dungeon crawler i wouldn't call it overly pressuring you towards the micro transactions. The people who believe it does have not done enough research into alternative means to achieve the same goal or do not enjoy the grind which is pretty much the point of Korean mmos outside of the gameplay. In fact over the past year I'd say they have lessened the pressure to spend in the cash shop with the additions of purchasable lv95 weps and armor +13 stones in the seal shop, reforging for guaranteed +15 eventually with grind and growth rewards that are substantial enough to get you started. Events often handing out paid runes regularly and the yearly max +15 coupon becoming bi or tri-yearly.
  • I love vindictus

    ^A lot of those sound like issues pertaining to your computer set up rather than the game itself. I know plenty who don't have any of those issues and other like you with some of those but not all. You have to remember this game is from 2010 and is not optimized for the advances in computer tech since and some set ups have no compatibility for older software.

    (they could optimize it for current tech but nexon puts like basically zero future investment in vindy right now)
  • "Raids of-by-for Everyone Event!" A nice idea but

    The weird part is the fact they labeled it a "legendary ore" box instead of "legendary weapon ore" box like they did to separate the dulla chunk boxes. Is this foreboding for the future where they will never introduce a armor version of this box or just a typo i wonder.