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Vella > Sylas > Lynn > Evie
  • Petition To Bring Back Features (Game is Boring)

    I agree with most of these changes, but:

    A. I don't see the point in 8 man raids. Most people can't even host 7 other players but they're convinced it's the right thing to do since eight is the member cap. This just causes people with average - poor computers to lag like hell and makes the game unenjoyable for the host as well as all the players running under them.
    B. Easy mode should have never been a thing.
    C. The boost in add from enhancing armor shouldn't be removed. This at least gives players a chance to make up some add they've missed out on so that they can reach the effective damage they would've been outputting prior to rise. Also gives them a means of catching up to players who were luckier than them enhancing weapons prior to rise.

    Changing the member cap to 4 man makes it easier to find players that can carry, and much easier to host. It also removes the need for easy mode. If you could explain what peoples' obsession with 8 man raids is and what they do to benefit the gameplay maybe I'd change my mind on this.
    I'd also like the enhance rates after +10 to be returned to normal. They decided to put so much emphasis on ADD with this update then, all of a sudden, they're going to make it impossible to enhance your weapons, leaving players who were less fortunate at a disadvantage? And this is all part of their master plan to keep players from being demoralized? There's a level of mental incapacity going on...
  • Best of the Best

    clearcut wrote: »
    So much salt, people can't seem to keep their e-peens in check. Might as well give my thoughts before this thread derails further into madness. These aren't necessarily the best players but rather people I believe use their class really well, also the fact that I have not played with every player to know.

    Sword Fiona: Typo, D3mon was good too
    Hammer Fiona: deadclass, but that red fiona does alright
    Spear Lann: Have seen them around but they mostly face tank, maybe zubi/volt but haven't played with them enough
    Sword Lann: All trash, if theres any good sword lann on east id like to see one
    Scythe Evie: Myugeared Hinaxy does well despite not being 25 curried
    Staff Evie: ragingpotato Anju? theres that really dark skinned one too. Amphetw/e isnt geared but their playstyle is cool.
    Chain Vella: robinchild i guess
    Sword Vella: pokemon
    Bow Kai: sonotgeared
    Gun Kai: rolo?
    Cestus Karok: what bald spot?
    Pillar Karok: what bald spot?
    Hurk: all the end game ones are good and preform similarly
    Lynn: hicurry or that long ign with S haven't played with them recently though
    Arisha: tomato curry is the best
    Sylas: all the end game ones are good and preform similarly
    Delia: cherish? none of them really stand out

    It might seem erratic but I'm sure some people from east will understand it +cold
    Props to these people for all the curry.

    We've got our best detectives on the case, we know you're right under our noses.
  • Which character needs a revamp the most?

    Buff Sword Lann
    Return his heightened critical damage to what it was before, or buff his glide damage to what it was before. Maybe one of the two needed a nerf at the time but not both. They pretty much reverted his damage to what it was prior to his revamp while still making him harder to gear than every other character.

    Buff Lynn
    Full bloom effect only does 15k. For the amount of effort put in to getting full bloom that's a **** reward. Bloody thread does 15k and doesn't take the effort of landing 10 gold marks. Hollow Shot does 30k and is literally free. I don't see how full bloom's damage makes sense.
    Also remove all the unnecessary frames from Long Arm Devil and lengthen the window that little rat can be used after wind step...

    Fix wind step already wtf...
    Just delete hammer Fiona, she's gotten nothing the four times you revisited and buffed sword Fiona.
  • Sea of Vindictus

    Vella only neam
  • Sylas only neam run

    We only got 7 people for this unfortunately but it turned out pretty well ;j