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  • Upcoming guild shop price increases -- buy now!

    noctred wrote: »
    Aren't they also adding extra guild missions and/or increasing the seal payout per mission to offset the increased costs? I don't remember which but I do recall reading something like that.

    -"complete today's missions (x/10)" (10 guild seals? +buff ) changed to "complete today's missions (x/2)" (4 guild seals +buff)
    -"complete Royal Army Raid (x/1) (3 guild seals + buff) added

    your overall seal gain got reduced by 3 if you don't bother w/ guild seal buff.
  • Share your enhance and reforge experience

    I know some people who failed plus 11 but went to 15 straight from 11 after 1 reforge.

    As for me, I hit a high enhancement at first and ended up reforging multiple times, making me ended up spending more time than these people. Such is the world of RNG.

    Feel free to share your experience with the new reforge mechanics and how it affects your relationship with your pets, etc.

  • Cleared Hell Neamhain (Video Included)

    Vladino wrote: »
    They could have just make Hell mode gear irrelevant like einrah ...

    There was a purple gear neamhain clear last year and I think it was even more difficult to do than hell mode since when I look at the dmg you take with those stats (I've seen about 500, 1000, 1500) while with purple gear you can get oneshotted easily (3-6k normal hits 6-12kk crits) and with crit res from purple gear you get crits about the half of the time...

    FYI many of the people who did hell neam did the purple gear run you mentioned too.
    These runs just capitalize gears as additional requirement, but knowledge to boss and minimizing chasefest or turtling remains the same.

    People with negative sentiments should just move on to do something they considered more worthwhile instead of lurking around.
  • Skip housing and release Miul first

    CN and TW will release Miul the end of this month in celebration of Lunar New Year (also best time to milk Chinese players).
    You might wanna download those versions first to try her out. Reddit should have people making tutorials on how to make an account and whatnot.

    Since we don't have major holiday until summer vacation for students, good luck praying for early release locally.
    But honestly i want guild house and new avatar preview (shop?) badly:
  • Not logging in for 30 days works.

    What if you started logging off after lvl 100 came?

    that works too.

    FYI, we have had redeployment package since years ago.
    It was never brought up because the stuff it gave was standard +10 equipment, but now it gives +12 full r7'd equipment instead.