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January 18, 1994
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Guild Master BlackTornado
  • Permanent Shared Storage

    Permanent Shared Storage would be great to have it back! Only then it is worth to spend money on.
    Tho it is still unfair that there are still some items which cannot be transferred through the shared storage to another character, while we pay for it..
    Like the Restoration Scroll and Restoration Discount Scroll.
  • Ideas for Vindictus


    1. Friendlist
    2. avoid scamming
    3. Test Dye Shop
    4. Unbalanced PvP
    5. Unknown Region
    6. Guild Reward
    7. Box of Dedication
    8. Private Guild PvP
    9. Extracting gears
    10. Avatar sets
    11. Avatar fusion rune
    12. Artifacts
    13. PvP
    14. Advertisements
    15. Guild Skills
    16. Extra slots
    17. Butterfly Wings
    18. Niflheim
    19. Cooking Expertise
    20. Guild Ranks
    21. Guild Storage
    22. Guild Page
    23. New Characters
    24. Housing System
    25. TIR coins
    26. Guild License
    27. Gold bank
    28. Mailbox
    29. Guild Emblem
    30. Invasion
    31. Wings
    32. Inner armors
    33. Private Guild Channel
    34. Transformation
    35. New pets
    36. Contribution
    37. Preview Inventory
    38. Guild Chat
    39. Favorites slots
    40. Quick Battle
    41. Quick PvP
    42. PvP Reward
    43. Vindictus EXtreme
    44. NX Inventory
    45. Guild List
    and some Changes


    BlackTornado guild.
  • First impressions after migration

    when do we get Vindictus EU back? this means EU team, support, and XE version!!
    its taking to long ..
    or just delete this crappy premiere version from all servers and just keep XE on all servers. it is a way better version in every single way and less bugged, more action, more freedom, just simply better!
  • First impressions after migration

    I am mainly a staff evie, further I'm well geared with Arisha, Kai and Fiona. But i do experience a lot of issues while playing them.

    - AP shop is nice here :)
    - I like the launcher
    - Nice Home Screen in-game.
    - The website is cool
    - Players Reputation on forum is fun :3
    - We are still allowed to buy/sell NX gifts (a very wise choice Nexon).
    - Added multi-core hosting
    - Royal Army Raids are less laggy.
    - We get updates 1 week faster, yaay
    - Increased value for items to put it on the market place.
    - Fast reply to your tickets.
    - Friend List in Alphabetic Order
    - Awesome Event as compensation for the migration.

    - The migration.
    - FPS-drops and lags.
    - Premiere version (we voted for XE, so there are no rights to give us Premiere!).
    - http://vindictusmanual.com forced to stop, Nexon banned Sanitee. Vindictus, the best game ever!! but in the worst hands a person could ever imagine..
    - Nexon Cash split up into Credit and Prepaid. Just put it together for fork sake Nexon +mad
    - Enchant Rune from 2,9k NX to freaking 5,5k NX. +mad
    - The Unbind Potion package, only package of 10 available..
    - Removal of the Emote package.
    - We can't run anymore, we have to press an additional button to do this.. it is really useless.. Just bring running back, this walking looks retarded.
    - Along with this retarded walking, my Evie makes a weird step (when pressing a 'moving' key twice fast) This get me killed at Babylong Gate at Neamhain all the time.
    - Country for Baltic States
    - Steam region block for the Netherlands
    - Nexon NA (I want Nexon EU back..)
    - When i want to go to the forum from my Nexon Launcher i have to login again ._.
    - Very bad forum, just 3 sections... jeez so lame >.>
    - Forum profile.. I cant put a forum signature or upload my own Profile picture.
    - I get this freaking IP Restriction when I login from another place ( i have to wait 10 minutes to be able to use the mailbox, really Nexon?)
    - Titles renamed (also my favorite ' Master of Magic' . Turn all of them back to it's normal state!
    - Ein Lacher, hahaha...no.. just rename it to Einrach!
    - Outfitter shop.. turn the name back to Avatar Shop.
    - Turn all the names of bosses and battles back to how it was in Vindictus XE Europe.
    - Guild rank names are offensive! Guild Rookie.. pff. just bring back: Member and Guild Leader (Senior Member is oke, and Administrator for the guild storage too but not for in the guild list. Perhaps make a new rank? or let guild masters be able to create their own?)
    - Guild List not in Alphabetic Order, or an option to do this.
    - No option to pass over the Guild Master rank to another leader.
    - Search option in Friend List still not working (need to know the entire name, but still doesn't search in your friend list itself).
    - Americans are now able to login on EU server.
    - Not being able to press “ - “ at the character login screen, to make a screenshot.
    - Increase the damage of all characters with 50% (so we feel the power again, which we felt in Vindictus XE).
    - No HP-bars from hard mode bosses! Nowwe can’t plan to make ‘finishing screenshots’.
    - Auto aim doesn't work.
    - Never thought it was possible to ruin PvP even more, well Congratulation Nexon you just gave us the most unbalanced PvP i've ever seen.
    - Vindictus still got Devcat as developers.. when are they gonna fix this game? instead of releasing content which we are not able to play properly because this game is made of 99% bugs and 1% Vindictus.
    - Never receiving an answer to let us know what Devcat think about the requests, suggestions / ideas they received from the players.
    - Still many fps drops.

    - Jumping, it gave additional attacks. So basically XE version has way more things to offer then this old slow version of the game called Premiere. Jumping around was funny, cute, and gives you the true amount of freedom like they claimed in the video: Vindictus from players perspective.

    - XE move. Since the remove of it, it solved some bugs on Evie, but now we have less attacks, so less opportunities to dodge an attack which cannot be dodged with simple dodge/block/deflect. Give us XE move back or something like it, so it’s possible to solo Juggernaut again for example.

    - Combo system! Now this is not necessary but Vindictus XE was much much better than Premiere. The combo system gives you up to 150% extra damage, if you get hit it will be off to zero. With this system we finally have a reason to play, trying not to get hit. This way players can show their skills and put the game to the max. In Premiere I don’t care anymore I just stand still, hope to do not get hit.. there is no reward for it anyway if I get hit it doesn’t change anything, I don’t get any reward for not being hit.

    - Stamina system in Premiere is lame, there is no single logic in this. XE version is a more logical game play, which makes it more realistic compared to Premiere. You regain stamina by just taking it easy (not fighting) or stand still to recover even faster.
    With Premiere recovery is slower, you won’t regain stamina by moving..
    We have to press 2 keys to let our character run, but it does not consume any stamina or recover… so… why not just remove that slow walking and just keep the running as we had in XE.

    - Increase the speed of all character with 50% (this is an action right, RIGHT?? Premiere is boring! how do people enjoy this game? Even the Facebook games my grandma plays have more action..).

    - No respond from the character, I experience this issue with Amber (staff Evie). Or late respond, or nothing at all. Connection is fine, no lag. could the fps case this 'bug'?
    - In general, Premiere seems to have worse gameplay and bugs compared to the better version of the game; XE
    - Email getting spammed by Nexon with "##- Please type your reply above this line -##" responds to my tickets all the time, over and over..
    - Long waiting to finally get the end window with the results of the battle.

    I really did a great job i think to find so many Pro's :D
    But after one hour struggling to find some more Pro's I gave up.

    P.s. Give us Vindictus XE back! And listen to your players +sigh
    *added some cons