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February 12, 1994
  • The Fatigue System

    The number of people out of my guild and friend group that have quit the game until it's removed is astounding and saddens me greatly. This is the second surprise update in a matter of months where you're completely screwing everyone over for nothing more than personal gain.

    Fix this or lose everything.

    We're waiting.
  • Guide to Twin Sword Vella (Partially Out-dated)

    Well, I've been back in the world of Vindictus for almost a month now. So much has changed and the game has finally gotten over the rough patch caused when all the old content was gutted but there was nothing new to take it's place. Vella got a revamp which changed a lot about her playstyle and really closed to gap between the lesser skilled players and those with a lot more skill and experience, although the gap is still there, it has just shifted slightly. Also, the forum finally seems to have gotten some level of formatting, though it seems rather complex and I haven't really dove into it yet. Although I may need a bit of help reformatting it, (hell, chances are I'll probably end up making a giant google document instead) I plan on updating and revamping this guide to reflect all the changes that have happen and the current state of TS Vella since I'm going to have a lot of spare time over the next few weeks due to some upcoming ankle surgery. I'm still relearning the character, but I'm excited about the future :3 And excited to hear back from all of my old TS Vella friends <3

    EDIT - So, long story, I reopened my old guild and became an official Vindi streamer to forward my knowledge and help people through it. I have zero time remaining anymore so it look like this old guide is going to get forgotten. I just simply don't have the free time to work on it right now whilst so many other things are taking priority. Apologies, and good luck <3