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  • Is Choosing a Transformation Now Required?

    You make it sound like choosing your transformation is like choosing the woman you'll marry.
    And then if you don't like her the divorce papers and stuff will be a mess (The change coupon).

    It's not very important to have transformation path, but, to not have it is kind of silly, since you have chosen not to have it, you are wasting the time you could be leveling your transformation up.

    It takes TONS of time to level up your transformation (well now it doesn't have levels, but rather TP, but you know what I mean). If you go around without any transformation at all, you're just wasting away points that you could've had, but don't because you don't have transformation.

    As for your question, any transformation is fine, just choose the one you like the most by Looks or, choose Paladin because it is superior in every way :D
  • [Dismantle System] Multiple Items

    The system that we have, is indeed very tedious and tiring.
    Why would you force your players to do over 200 clicks on something that could be done by a couple?

    I wouldn't even mind if the time it took to dismantle was the same, so as long I wouldn't have to keep on clicking for the same time.

    Therefore I support this cause df2SdlQ.png
  • Unbarable lag on europe server

    ErinieI wrote: »
    So..... when do we get our real compensation?
    This is just a joke.

    I used to think we deserved some kind of compensation.

    But at this point, I'll just be glad the lag be fixed.

    The game was really starting to die.
  • Unbarable lag on europe server

    UPDATE: We have opened service for the East, West and EU Regions. The Australian Region will remain in maintenance, as we are still sorting out issues with that service. Thank you for your patience.

    According to this, and them, there either is no acknowledged problem on EU server, or they don't know how to fix it.

    I'd rather have the server down for a whole two days, if that were to fix it, because playing as it is just pure pain, I'm not going to play until it is fixed.
  • Unbarable lag on europe server

    But to be honest, as you say, there's not really much they can do to compensate us, but oh well, I can dream can't I?


    +20 coupon will have to do I guess...

    That's overkill 72SxzZv.png

    I'd be happy with a +1 raid entrance, including for Neamhain.