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  • Just an idea...

    Let's make Kai the first 3 weapon character, just why not?

    What is it I hear? There are still characters like Arisha, Sylas and Delia who don't have even a second weapon? Who cares about that.

    Let's go ahead and also add a 4th weapon to Kai, like say, a 9mm on the left hand and a semi-automatic in the right.

    Heck, with all this Kai prioritization I don't even see why there's the need for other characters, let's just remove them all and add a 5th weapon to Kai:
    Nuclear Nuke launcher: One shots every single thing in the game, including yourself unfortunately.

    I'm sorry for that little rant up there, I hope you take it on the comic side, its just a joke.
    Talking seriously, though I believe you and some shooter fanatics would like the idea, I don't think that adding a 3rd weapon to Kai that is very similar to Hurk's Second would benefit the game that much.
    Kai already has a pretty diverse game play, with his both weapons, doing extreme damage on easy gameplay with cross gun, and with the more skill oriented bow game play. In fact, cross gun Kai might be the strongest character in the game.

    That's why I believe it would be better for everyone if all characters get their 2nd weapon first, then, we'll think about the 3rd IRcqvLu.png
    Said this, I also plea that you take note that understand that everyone is entitled to their opinion, and I respect your opinion nontheless.
  • Been away for a while, anything i should know?

    I belive you can get ivory apex set through progressing through story quests, and they'll gift you the pieces of the set one by one. If you've gone through those stories pre-rise, the only way you can get one, is by buying from another arisha that doesn't need it anymore and sells it on MP. Titan will no longer drop those pieces of armor.

    They've standardized monster drops by level range.
    Before, to craft for example a lvl 50 armor, there were many kinds of materials you had to obtain, from various bosses, like the 4 or 5 hilder forest bosses, for example, and some of them were pretty rare materials.
    To solve this problem, they created new materials, pigments, additives, etc, with different colors and level ranges (apprentice, journeyman,etc) that drop on ANY dungeon of that level range, supposedly making it easier to craft any kind of weapon/armor.
  • Howdy!

    Welcome back to the game and congratz for having chosen the best class in the game 72SxzZv.png

    Jokes aside, Arisha is a character with extreme potential, when well used. It is extremely normal that you find her hard to play at first, it is kind of tricky.
    I can't call myself the best Arisha player, but I consider myself fairly good, if you need some tips as you go along, feel free to pm me ingame, and/or add me to your friendlist.
    IGN: Weiss_Oswald.

    Best wishes.
  • KR Server Patch Notes & More

    Any word on new scrolls? It seems odd to me that they'd release Rank 6 Prefixes and no Rank 6 Suffixes.
    Don't see how thats odd.
    The only consistency about Nexon and Devcat is that they're consistently inconsistent. Therefore, things like this are normal.
  • Explosive enchant scroll

    That scroll is extremely outdated.
    Using it is like cursing your weapon, because the benefit of the extra attack is largely shadowed by the hole you leave in your critical rate and speed.
    Att cap is easily achievable, crit cap isn't.

    Anyway, as a substitute, I recommend using divine punishment, or maelstrom, even though those are Suffixes. (I'm recommending cheap alternatives, you can always go for the good R6/R7 scrolls)