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  • No Xmas Snowballing event? Continuation 2019

    and we win the vote to bring it back and we didnt get it. thanks a f-ing bunch. they should go into politics, Brexit is the same crap as this
  • Youtube Channel. Like, Share, and Subscribe

    can someone show us the bo?
  • Thoughts on Miri's 2nd Weapon?

    i feel it would have to be dragon related.
  • A little Partholon Vanguard tutorial

    Just incase people haven't worked it out or if your maths isn't up to scratch, here is the best way to level it up.

    Pretty simple really.

    If you are actively playing then do the following.
    Choose the smallest amount of time duration because that gives the most EXP and the most Points.
    At the moment i have 30 mins as min and 360 mins as max and for the 30 mins i get 450EXP / 6 Antiquity Points compared to 360 mins which gives 3240EXP / 43 Points.
    Now here is the maths part.... There are 12 30 mins in a 360min total. so 12 x 450 = 5400 and 12 x 6 = 72
    So that is 5400EXP / 72 Points. That is 2260EXP more and 25 Antiquity Points more.

    So if you're actively playing, that is the best way to level. If you're afk then obviously just choose the max time and go and watch cat videos lol.
    Hope this was useful.
  • No Xmas Snowballing event? Continuation 2019

    quietguy wrote: »
    I guess they're just ready to lay Vindi to rest. I mean they literally give us less and less everytime i turn around. Fewer events, Less drops from repeated events, now those drops have expiration dates....

    I get it. They're trying to force us to buy more nx. Or are they trying to force us to go play other games? Its really gettin hard to tell.

    but people arent going to buy nx if the events are not bringing back games. a lot of people who play cant play all the time, so a good event will just bring them back a little and have a little fun and happier people buy nx. i used to buy nx a lot but now i havent bought any in months.