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I am a Kai
  • New raid is bugged

    The daily limit didn't reset so this is just a heads up for all
  • End of Days Recruitment page

    Some people are not sure about the guild house and how to upgrade. Please do as much as you can and make sure you add the points. Just by logging in you gain 1 point and that could be added to the guild. Here are some screenshots of how to add the points.

  • End of Days Recruitment page


    We are officially recruiting.
    We already have many active members but we like to keep growing.
    We don't have hardly any rules. You can bring Alts as long they log in to get those guild points, I do not mind. You don't have to be OP to join, we take all levels, all skills and anyone who is friendly.

    We currently working on the guild house upgrade. At the moment we are at stage 2 and looking to go all the way.
    We do many runs daily, we try to do all raids as well as farming on a daily basis.
    All I ask is that people collect their watering cans, do guild missions and donate as much as they can without making them skint.

    If you want to hear more /w Bowner or PoisonIvy to learn more.
  • Bring back some the older stuff maybe?

    I'm talking about Labyrinth, the smashing pumpkins, the Christmas snowballing event. things like this.

    You probably noticed that Labyrinth wasn't being played so you removed it. That was a bad move. People stopped doing it because it didn't get updated. Throughout its life, I think it had 1 major update. After a Karok was introduced when Karok came out, after that, it stopped being updated. What we wanted was for it to be updated, make it a little hard depending on your level. Add some newer bosses to it. Add new drops to it. What we didn't want for it to be removed completely.

    Smashing pumpkins event was amazing, sadly it had a very very short life. It lasted a whole 1 Halloween. that's right, once. It was fun as hell. having to work as a team to take down the mobs and smash the pumpkin at the same time. also, the drops were sick too. we get cosmetic gear sets along with other stuff too.

    and finally The bloody Christmas Snowballing event. I have no idea why you're not putting this back in the game apart from sheer laziness on your part. This Xmas event was poor. it's not the items, its the fact we are afk. people on their holidays wants to play something, something new and having to do the same thing we do 350ish days of the year is kinda lame and boring. Even the decorations around town were lame. no lights, no snowmen, no Xmas boxes laying around, it was pure laziness. This needs to change. I like playing at Xmas time but I don't play this game anymore because of this, I have 2 other games which visually looks better, makes me feel all xmasy also 1 of the games play Xmas music too, like damn its fun at that time of year. I don't play it any other time.

    You need to ask the people, Stop giving us AFK events or go kill 100000000000 raids. We want fishing events and not the afk ones, I mean the ones we used to have to catch bags from the water to get titles and rewards. We want Labyrinth, all updated and new items and mobs. We want new towns to explore, make it a little more open world rather than colhen dock. We want Halloween events which aren't afk or raid related. And we bloody want the Christmas Snowballing event or something new that time of year.
  • Great amount of suggestions

    how about this idea to add to yours.

    Make our NX inventory and Gold Account wide rather than Character. This way it will encourage people to make new characters so we can get given a very small amount of free nx items however you have to pay to get a character slot and vip etc etc so it would be worth in both ways. also it will help people with the gold too, not having to pass money over all the time.