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January 27, 1994
  • Your Thoughts on Additional Damage Changes?

    Welp, instead of arguing yet another time about this "update", should keep track of the thread and answer the main point..

    My thoughts on additional damage changes are simple : why did you bother to break something that was already working fine ? Oh and by the way, the multiplier is still the same (6.25), thus why you now deal insane amount of damage.. going from 300 to 3000 additional damage for +15 is a pretty clear obvious change.

    Yes we deal more damage actually, even casting armors bonus aside, I do not know if we actually got the 7.7m HP s3 raids or if we got them with the recent -25% HP that Korea recently got.. but anyway, you have to mind HP doesn't scale anymore that's why clear time is much lower actually, think with scalling, solo HP was like 40-45% of a full-party value so it's normal that with a certain additional damage value you actually double your clear time.

    What bothers me is how broken each enhancement lvl now are.. I used to outdamage some +15 players with my +12, or Hell even with my +10 purple Scythe actually damn, but now I would probably not stand a chance at all, since the difference between +10 and +15 is literally more than 100%.. so yeah, rewarding skill rather than gear was what made the charm of raiding actually.
    And for people like WhiteYukii, if we shouldn't care or accept the normal fact that a +15 outdamages a +10, then remove this damage ranking reward at once. After all, it's a co-op game right ? So why do we have damage ranking ? We shouldn't care since it's a party... may you actually give additional cores if the party isn't maxed.. like 3 players raid = 1 extra core, duo = 2 cores, solo = 3 cores. This is where you will see who's a tryhard (going full solo just for the sake of getting more cores) or who actually wants to play with friends/other player and doesn't care about the amount of cores.

    Either you let the additional damage remaining as such, but remove those ungrateful rankings bs.
    Or simply revert back to old additional damage, which was already working more than fine.
  • Difficulty Post Rise Update

    gogoshica wrote: »
    Now most content til 90 is easy and S3 is the real deal in terms of difficulty (you even get lvl 90 set for free to stand a chance in s3)

    Content until s3 was already easy even before RISE, try again.
    Why ? Because easy mode was already available. If you were still stuck even in easy mode, I suggest to get better or even quitting the game at this point.

    Yes, some raids were stupid even in Easy such as Kraken, that's literally the only excuse/moment where people would have been stuck. (blame 70-79 not giving any incentive to be run as well, in terms of rewards. If it was 80-90, people would have joined for sure)

    Otherwise, you have 0 excuses nor ways to defend this part of the update.
  • One of the worst updates ever...

    Mainichi wrote: »
    Hero mode isn't even hero mode anymore. It's just a nerfed version of the old hard mode.

    s2 Hero is simply old 80-90 difficulty with s3 stats (16k+ ATT, 13k DEF, 130crit cap, etc), the speed stay unchanged, and idk about their HP tho.. doesn't really matter anymore...
  • Rise - Where did the fun go?

    jeddyhi wrote: »
    If you do not like the update, you have two choices. One is do what you did and cry and moan and complain, even stomp your feet and hold your breath if you like. The other is to quit the game and move on. A 3 week investment is minuscule compared to people who have been here since 2010. As a matter of fact, I find your post somewhat insulting, crying like that and being a 3 week noob.

    Yet, you can pretty much see the people that is supporting this thread and it's op are mostly beta players too. This post was so not needed, also having experience from other action game helps at playing Vindictus.

    Ironically, telling his post is insulting while treating him as a "3 week noob" is absolutely ridiculous, and hilarious.

    But yeah, I will be frankly honest : I re-installed the game in order to join back my very old guild and let my char die there. However, I did try a few dungeons.. and it was absolutely horrible.
    When I started to drop superior HP pots and this kind of sh*t from bosses, it really made me mad like it's so insulting... seeing bosses like that, being treated like Shadow Fang pre-RISE update was just too much.
    I also checked prices, everything has lost value... seeing ODM/CMA for 50k..


    No more of this, that's probably the quickest uninstall I ever made... I was already expecting the update to be terrible, but when you try it with your own hand,s oh my... it has literally ruined me to sh*t. There was that guy even talking to me via whisper about how he was gearing up, and I was like.. I couldn't even bother to even answer him correctly even about well known-changes/stuff, the interest of the game dropped from 100 to absolute Zero in a matter of MINUTES.

  • KR Server Patch Notes & More

    Realising they ask you to get 50k ATT and 333 technique to do s3 Hero, ahem how does it change anything ? Nah I meant, people want something like old content.. Keaghan was "hard" at release, but never asked 60 spd and 20k ATT to cap, he was a fair boss for stats, he was fair even with the gimmick by the way. (only ONE player to destroy the devil statue.. not the whole party)

    Bosses like Ingkells switching attack patterns at lower HP, going berserk.. that doesn't ring a bell ? ring ring ?

    Proto said everything, you shouldn't tweak this sh*t at all.. it has to be remade from A to Z, but we get it, nothing's gonna change, RIP.
    Can't wait next redeemers asking for +17-18 when people will start having them, and find the game "boring" so they need "content for themselves".

    A 8 year-old could understand where this game is going, game was loveable, but I hope people will abandon ship before it hurts even harder. No one wanted to stay on the Titanic when it began sinking...