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  • Fatigue System - Ideas on ways to recover

    Kurs wrote: »
    One thing I'd like to add too, is that people always assume Nexon's money grubby. It may be true, it also may be false. But I think if all people look for is the negative, then all they'll find and see is the negative. I prefer to try to see the whole truth if I can, and I think if I assumed everything was Nexon or the employees being money grubby then I think that would be hard for me to see, and hard for them to change, especially if no matter what they do all people will see is "they're money grubby". After all, if everyone but the whales boycott them then they can't change because they still need money. However, if everyone gives them a chance and enough people other than whales spend money, then that gives them the opportunity to change and expand their options, since then they'll have more sources of income to keep the game running. That's what I think anyways.

    Stop white knighting for this company. Seriously, you sound like a gullible teenager lets be real.
  • The Fatigue System

    Herpador wrote: »
    Another main reason for adding the new system is to limit the macro accounts. As many of you already know, there are still many players who take advantage of a number of accounts and unfairly benefit from the macro program. However, they will be now expected to have limited game use after the new Fatigue System is added, which will have a positive effect on our Vindictus game economy.

    Now this is probably the biggest load of sh*t I've read in an official statement. It's already been said by others that botters use more than one account - this literally only hinders legitimate players. Botters will just make new accounts or heck, just new characters to do their magic, this just punishes players levelling, players farming expertise, people trying to do Ein lacher (god forbid that) or just new players who have no idea what the f*ck is going on.

    We really out here with negative IQ huh.

    Yep. They do not give a **** about the game economy. They literally do not give a **** about botting and illegal gold selling, none of that ****. Please younger/newer players, do not buy that bullshit statement for a second, It's just a PR scapegoat in the hopes of fooling gullible idiots to white knight for them. They did this to make the game more Pay2Win, Period. That's why they dropped it suddenly, without warning. That's why they dropped it without a single attempt to poll/ask the community our opinion. They want to sneak it into the game because they know the **** is fucked up. Corporate does not give a **** about your experience or making this game fun. As if the dungeon entry limit wasn't enough, it is now literally impossible for a normal player to farm dungeons/raids for gold.

    Gee, I wonder why they wanted to add this Bullshit to the **** into the game so badly.......I'm at a lost :/
  • The Fatigue System

    Yep. I Knew the bullshit was coming.
    Remember the part when they were strangely listening to the community like last month?
    This is the part where you get Nexowned.
    The typical Nexon cycle. It never changes.

    It was Christmas, so I gave them a pat on the back and everything. I was a fool, what did I expect from them. Welp, this is it. This is why they tried to build some goodwill from the community last month, because they knew they would implement this bullshit in the game.

    Sigh. This is just old, I'm too tired to continue this. Words cannot express how....tired I am of this. I just want my game to not be **** on. PSO2, where are you. Please, save me from shitty mmo's SEGA. The Japanese usually do a good job with localizations.
  • New Voice for Characters


    It's happening!

    Well what do you know, They've been on a roll lately. I'm actually surprised. Not only are they listening to community feedback, they aren't half-assing it or taking 2 years either. For the first time in like 6 years, am actually impressed with how far they are going to fix things for the community, well done.

    We, those of us in the community who spoke up, made this happen, don't forget that. It's always those that speak up, those who criticize (and not kiss ass) that improves the gaming industry. Your voice always matters and there is always the possibility for good change. Never let some naysayer try to talk you out of fighting for the change you want to see in your games. This is exactly why don't stfu with my critiques/opinions of these companies. Ever.

    Merry Christmas indeed.
  • Why korean and not the original voices?!

    The voices we had before the change were actually the original Korean voices, with the exception of Evie/Fiona/Lann and I think Karok (I don't play him)
    So in a sense yes they do let us switch voices, but the original Engilsh dub of the above 3 (or 4) characters have been permanently replaced by the new dub overs.

    I don't believe getting the original English dub over is possible due to those actors being long gone, and they need new VAs for the friend system. So yeah you win some, you lose some I guess....but I've Been trying to get this feature added to the game for literally over 7 years, I will take my fucken Ws from Nexon when I get the chance. We could try to get them to implement those ultra original dubs for those 4 chars but honestly that is unlikely.

    Edit: But I do want to say I feel you my guy. Just know, if Nexon never messed with the game so much (for no reason) when they brought it to the west, things like this wouldn't be a problem to begin with. Nexon's actions have consequences. Because they made stupid changes to the game 8+ years ago and ignored people on the issue for that length of time, the negative effect of that has finally caught up to them and unfortunately there will still be player casualties even after they tried to fix it. Some players (such as yourself) will have to suffer in order to fix **** that shouldn't have been a problem to begin with. Sorry man.

    Like I said before, Nexon = special kind.