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  • Earlier than expected?

    Madcobra wrote: »
    Web guy +drunk

    Nope, just some cute photoshop by the OP. Like all the errors that you might see in the posts. All of them are photoshop. Yes, even that one.
  • Weekend Miri Double EXP Bonus

    For you, it will start tonight at 7:00 PM AEDT (that's the time zone for Sydney, UTC +11), and last until 7:00 PM AEDT on Monday.

    (see, questions like this is why I wouldn't be that sad if the sun burnt out so we could all switch to GMT)
  • Wild Santa outfit monday

    is it dyeable? also we love u <3

    Yup, the outfits are dyeable.
    Saphree wrote: »
    Which version of Santa Helper are we getting for females? The one with the corset and bells or the one with the mid-drift and no bells? Or are we able to choose between them?

    The difference between the Red and Blue styles are, um, the color, the rest of the design is identical between the two. As for the design, it's the one shown in the picture in the news post, with a midriff, skirt and bell.

    Also animal ears on the hood.

    Because ears.
  • Week 4 Prizes... Excuse Me?

    LoLoBooty wrote: »
    the web guy loves cut and paste a little tooooo much

    I can neither confirm nor deny this, other than that I may have some bad (or good?) habits from a history of programming :).

    Hey guys, I'm the one that creates the web posts for Vindictus (...aka WebGuy I guess now?). Sorry for getting the info on this week's big prize wrong, looks like an edit overrode the correct info. I've corrected the info on the prize list and double-checked the rest of the info to make sure it's correct.

    If you see something wrong with my posts, feel free to throw things at me (or, you know, do the whisper thing, yay forums with inboxes!). My effort is always to try to get you the most accurate info I can, and I'll gladly take heat over screw-ups if things get corrected :).