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  • Why are we getting incomplete patches from KR?

    Anytime you forget why they treat us like garbage, reference this graphic /sad:

    Granted...this is their own fault, with oh...I don't know, lousy management, harsh gear progression penalties, very expensive paid items and items obtainable from only random paid items, and gold ole' fashioned being jerks about a lot of things in general...but good luck trying to convince them of that...We really shouldn't question their monitization or engagement strategies, it is their strong-point after-all, their investor page told me so.
  • Why aren't event items account bound?

    I honestly think this game is a giant research experiment to see how much nonsense a person will put up with for great combat and dress up capabilities...
  • Your Thoughts on Additional Damage Changes?

    Hello everyone, I've certainly got my thoughts on the recent changes to Additional Damage (which I'll enumerate though momentarily), but I'd also like to hear your thoughts on the issue.

    Some Math:
    Using the relevant portion of the damage formula (10.9k Eff. Att. * 0.95 Bal + Add. Dmg. * 6.25) which omits the final ability multiplier, we can compare relative 'output' for individual weapon enhancement levels both against themselves and other brackets. I've chosen +10 (probably where most people are able to achieve), 13 (first level with no 'safety items' on failure (is the true now?) ), and of course +15 as comparison points [feel free to ask about the math if you want, I'm omitting it for now to reduce post size].

    Change in 'Output' from a Given Enhancement Level (Old to New):
    +10: up ~29.8%
    +13: ~94.8%
    +15: ~138%

    Change in Relative 'Output' between Enhancement Levels:
    13 vs 10 was: ~5.6% is now: ~58.5%
    15 vs 10 was: ~10.1% is now: ~101.8%
    15 vs 13 was: ~4.2% is now: ~27.3%

    Percentage of 'Output' Accounted for by Additional Damage per Enhancement Level:
    10 was: ~6.7% is now: ~28.1%
    13 was: ~11.7% is now: ~54.7%
    15 was: ~15.3% is now: ~64.4%

    So before, there was always a noticeable 'gap' between 'average' and 'maxed' players due to enhancement (which I think is fine), but now the distance is almost from one planet to the next. Good luck 'staying close' to someone with that much more damage output, and forget it if they have similarly enhanced armor. To me this is what I would scientifically describe as being "bonkers", making the 'new meta' smashing enhancement level and attack speed to the moon at the expense of everything else (until you hit 13 to 15 anyway...).

    Short Version: Gotta get dem rune $$'s!!.
  • Unification Super Weeks Event 'Giftboxes'

    Already had an 'unexpected' interaction with these things so I made this post so that perhaps others could give their input into this:

    Logged in to a lvl. 1-29 bracket character, got the 1-29 Giftbox with the whistle, exp potion, and ap. Then logged into a 90 character on the same account and got the 80-89(b) Giftbox with the sobs, medals, and ap.

    ...Huh? The event text does say, "Can be obtained once per day, once per account." So I'm a bit confused on what happened here. My friend (that logged in on multiple lvl.90 characters on the same account) says he has only received 1 Giftbox (the medals, sobs, and ap). Which leads me to believe:

    You can actually get these rewards multiple times, 1 per character level bracket on an account, perhaps the second '80-89 bracket' should read '90'? Or that 80-89 characters should receive both Giftboxes??

    Just interested to hear your experiences.
  • Being forced to host your story raids


    Easy Mode Season 3 (All Season 3 content except raids) came with KR's Season 3 Chapter 2, Ep 3. It will be awhile before we get that content.

    Great, so basically players will get EM for the content they need the least amount of help with..../sigh. The thing that really baffles me is how DevCat manages to make each season run significantly worse than the last from a performance standpoint, shouldn't it be the other way around? I guess if nothing else, it teaches us how much nonsense a player will put up with for a great combat system / dress up simulator - a lot apparently.