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  • Issue with Free Character Slots

    Characters cannot be created using Free Character Slots, excluding the first slot on a server. Premium Character Slots are still functional. This issue affects both Europe and North America. We are working on a fix for this issue and will deploy it in a hotfix update soon.

  • Desert Contract Preview

    In October of 2010, Vindictus was released, setting off a seven year journey filled with new characters, new threats and new outfits, complete with ever-shortening skirts. On September 27th, our next update arrives with a new special battle, new features and a series of special events and sales to celebrate Vindictus' 7th anniversary!


    New Special Battle: Desert Contract

    We'll have a new Special Battle for you this month, as Commander Ikrium and Raiding Party Captain Larken join forces to tear the heroes of Vindictus apart!


    Battle against the duo as they use their powerful array of ranged and melee attacks to keep their foes off-balance. Strike them down and claim your rewards, including Abomination's Essence, Eochaid's Essence, Dullahan's Essence and more! You can complete this special dungeon once per day until our next update.

    Goddess' Guidance


    Season 3 is filled with cunning foes, powerful monsters, lethal challenges for all who step towards Ben Chenner. In order to help mercenaries get a handle on the challenges in Season 3's raid battles, the Desert Contract update will come with a special Buff called Goddess' Guidance. This buff will grant large boosts to ATT, M.ATT, DEF and Additional Damage, but only for the first time they complete each Raid battle's story mission, plus the first 10 completions of the repeatable raid battles.

    7th Anniversary is Almost Here

    October marks 7 years of Vindictus, featuring countless monsters slain, weapons crafted, missions completed and breastplates torn to shreds. We're not ones to let our anniversaries go without comment, and we'll be hitting hard with new sales and events for the month!


    We have multiple new packages coming for you, with cosmetic updates, dyes, runes, Limited outfits, something for everyone... including a special coupon that you can exchange for some special items, including Fallen Angel Wings!


    Sales aren't the only thing that will be coming, however. We'll have giveaways, a powerful artifact you can enhance you can enhance as the month of October rolls around, and even a special Ultimate Objective Event to celebrate 7 years of Vindictus, as the Desert Contract update hits on Wednesday, September 27th!
  • Hero's Lucky Box

    The Vindicator's Box is leaving the shop, but the Hero's Lucky Box is here to take its place! Claim your Primal Flame weapons, take a peek at the Special French Maid and Wild Butler sets, gobble up some runes and more with the Teide Update's newest Supply Depot additions!

    Hero's Lucky Box

    The Hero's Lucky Box is a new item that works much like the Vindicator Box: Each box contains a random item when opened, plus a Vindicator's Coupon. The Hero's Lucky Box, however, contains a selection of special Weapons with unique visual effects that can be transferred to your best equipment via Weapon Fusion runes!



    Lucky Box 50 Package

    With the release of the Hero's Lucky Box, we're making a special package available for purchase, containing 50 Hero's Lucky Boxes with a Premium Weapon Fusion Rune thrown in! Get the Primal Flame weapon you've got your eye on and attach it's look to your best weapon to battle evil in style!



    Premium Weapon Fusion Rune

    The Premium Weapon Fusion Rune has returned for the Hero's Lucky Box's unveiling, allowing you to swap a weapon's appearance, even if its bound, perfect for making your most powerful weapon look as lethal as possible!



    Special French Maid Outfit

    We also have a pair of outfits for your consideration this month! The Special French Maid Outfit is an updated version of the classic Maid outfit, featuring a special headband, a new blouse and a brown-and-white color scheme!




    Special Wild Butler Outfit

    We also have a new version of the Butler Outfit with the Special Wild Butler Outfit, dropping the monocle for an earring, a leather jacket and a subdued gray, white and black suit with brown gloves!




    Destruction Safeguard Rune

    The Destruction Safeguard Rune is here to stay! This Rune can be used in Enhancements from +4 to +20, preventing the Enhanced item from being destroyed should the Enhancement fail



    New Inner Armor and Hairstyle

    Last but not least, the Avatar Shop is getting additions for our female characters, with a new Barette hairstyle and Strapless Inner Armor with a fetching heart theme!


  • EU Issues with levels rolling back to 90

    Hi everyone,

    We had a few tickets from players after today's Dullahan update. The issue was that players would reach 95, log off, log back in and all of a sudden they were back down to level 90. We narrowed it down to only being an issue in EU. It didn't affect items or titles, just levels. We have since restarted the EU server and it seems to have resolved the issue. We are currently looking into all the players affected from rolling back to 90. If you were affected by this issue, please submit a ticket so we can look into it.


    We will also be monitoring this thread, so let us know if you were rolled back after we restarted the server. Sorry for any inconvenience this might have caused.

  • Why the F am I level 90 again?

    Hi! What is your IGN? Let me message the team and figure out whats going on