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July 13, 1995
  • Update made you/friends quit? Please sign here.

    My friends quit months ago because they found the grind boring/not worth it so I'm not even sure they know about RISE.

    As someone who only spends money on cosmetics I feel no need to spend money right know thanks to free outfit event. But I have a feeling I'll need to resist once Miri comes. I'm also tempted to buy another guild storage for the new crafting mats but no, I'm resisting that temptation too.

    I like the 4-man parties. It means I can host raids and the lag is (somewhat)bearable for the party. But now the only raids are s3, nif and the special one....and out of all of those Lugh is the only I really enjoy running. (Sometimes royal army raid too but shrug)

    The whole being rewarded based on how much damage you do is really discouraging tbh. I'm not the best skilled or geared player by any means. I try to be a team player too. Does that mean I'm not trying to do my best? Of course not. But I feel I have to rush in and attempt to play super aggressively in these 4-man battles because everyone else is super pro and now even more op with the additional damage. I don't even do 20%. It's every player for themselves. If I wanted to play a competitive game I would go play a competitive game...

    I miss the s1 and s2 raids very much. I don't understand why they were nerfed? I mean I like that I can progress through the story solo but they could have still been raids. hmm

    I love vindi and I don't want to leave, but even though I'm trying to make the best of it I'm very disheartened now.

    I guess what I would like from vindi is this:
    -return the s1/s2 raids to what they were but make them suitable for 4-man
    -return the reward system to what it was
    -nerf additional damage or unnerf boss health? I'm not sure which one or both is the problem

    I think so far these are my only issues
  • Random Daily Screenshots!

    snuggles with senpai <3 <3
  • New costume releases?

    Hanbok outfitter please it's very cute :)
  • RIP ez freezy costumes

    Today is free coupon day again. Don't forget to collect them if you want them :)
  • Lynn's secondary wish list

    I'm leaning towards two mid-range throwing fans that turn into one giant fan for some smashes or something
    I don't know just
    fans please