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April 19, 1988


  • I got an enthu and 2 wbs on saturday for getting 5 keys, seems the same to me.
  • I try to res people but.... after they die 4 times.. I stop. Personally.. I have over 2k free graces and over 8k free merc pots from events that I never use....
  • You are still getting more drops than me ^.^
  • NA always had much higher prices for a lot of premium stuff than EU...*cough* 9800 nx enchant .....
  • Can do lvl 90 to 95 grind in 20 - 30 mins with the free gear at autumn reed bed solo, if you still have leftover 150% exp boosters.
  • Just did the 10 new ein lacher fights. Got 5 keys in 30 mins. Seems every other fight drop a key.
  • You can actually just throw ice chunks at the bear's head and get the break flinches, much easier than spearing. An alternative way to break irukul is to use a hurk with low level sword. LR (first smash) hit the tusk breakoff spot, and should get…
  • For every player that do get lucky, dozens more suffer at the hands of videk ^.^ PS: we need 100% stones.
    in Infuse RNG Comment by Hally February 12
  • QueenOfMana wrote: » I guess you didn't see my thread on infuse. Wasted over 200M trying to get DEF infuse on Dullahan armor (still no luck). Same with trying to get Crit Infuse on Blue Kitty Brooch. I honestly don't see why the highest tier eleme…
    in Infuse RNG Comment by Hally February 11
  • nope.. I don't even have a +2 bal ring.... (I'm at 93 bal anyways so... can't really do anything with 2 more bal; I wanted def or crit. (If I get speed.. I'll live with it)
    in Infuse RNG Comment by Hally February 8
  • If you are not capping attack with a +14 lvl 90 weapon, there are other places available for you to increase attack very cost effectively.
  • Unless you are a lann, you don't need to cap crit. A +15 90 will easily do far more damage than a +12 95 due to how broken AD is.
  • Trees and ores are only in full open play maps now. The shortened story maps do not have ores or trees.
  • Pre-rise, ein lacher did use your attack/def and AD, until the cap is reached. The cap was just so low that even purple lvl 90 gear would reach it, (20k attack, 10k def, 120 AD was the pre-rise limit). If you used really low level stuff (like low en…
  • The tax is eaten by the server as a form of "gold sink". It also attempt to encourage people to spend money on nx for premium market licenses. Premium listed items pay no tax.
    in Taxes Comment by Hally January 16
  • Still OP luck.. considering I got a grand total of 2 chunks in nearly 200 runs lol. 4 minutes per run really doesn't mean much with that kind of drop rate.
  • If I remember correctly, compared to a character of medium height, the shortest character get effectively 6 additional speed (just 3% faster), while tallest character get 6 less speed (just 3% slower). The difference in attack range is largely in…
  • I'd never whale.. too poor irl.
  • Those coupons can actually go past 10? To me, it feels like the coupon is just a yolo enhance simulation from +0, and any result less than 10 is.. made 10
  • MisterWhiskers wrote: » Ikarsu wrote: » X gun still has a few bugs and tweaks to work on, so after those are fixed, it can be more viable. The one in particular is the perfect reload bug where you can't dodge after getting A/D from reloading. Ki…