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  • Server: North America IGN: Rhri Party members: RieszLise, Valdr, Zuzu
  • I agree that it sucks that you have to pay to get the grand prize. On the other hand, as someone who's looking for runes without NX, this event is pretty convenient. It only costs 2.1m to get 3 additional runes, assuming you started buying from day …
  • MewMewRen wrote: » I found this scrolling through some stuff on the Korean site. Its not the best picture, but I've never seen this one on the lists of Battleshades to my knowledge, correct me if I'm wrong. Not too sure if its toy or a Battleshade…
  • Prototypemind wrote: » I don't understand how simply having no unbinds left takes away enhancement, or is that part of the new coding? It seems like there should have been a separate designation for items that are simply at 0 unbind count vs those…
  • Lahar wrote: » How does Lynn dodge this move below? Another move that is difficult to dodge is Radiance's sword thrust. As mentioned, you're not supposed to move when Callidus starts this move. You'll see a wide, circular visual effect on top o…
  • Monoha wrote: » JP got +11 - +14. As Monoha mentioned, these runes are from the JP server. http://heroes.nexon.co.jp/notice/all.aspx?no=2230 Credits to EnigmaTaro for the link.
  • For anyone looking for the new crafting materials, runs with multiple bosses are a good place to farm. Ex: Prepare for Counterattack, An Interdimensional Invasion, The Five Spider Brothers, Nightmare at the Ruins, Cadet Ceremony, Storeroom, etc.
  • We managed to get another Lynn Neam together on West before the Rise update hit . Special thanks to Wrava for recording for us!
  • dazedgumball wrote: » kosc wrote: » 5. the title associated with 'meet the cave spider' (lvl12) battle for clearing it 30 times - battle itself is removed What title is this? Spider Destroyer.
  • 탱크블레이드 wrote: » Nakrast wrote: » 탱크블레이드 wrote: » I can ask Juny when he streams tonight. He basically streams every chance he gets which has been REALLY frequent. Thanks a lot, let us know ç_ç Good news. The titles were NOT d…
  • Nakrast wrote: » 탱크블레이드 wrote: » That part idk if that was confirmed? If it was then probably by junyoop but i havent heard anything about that from his streams. I honestly expect them to be deleted regardless just like last time they did …
  • Thank you for all the great translation work! Does anyone know if the Legendary Shard Pouches ever dropped Lv95 shards, or should we just use them all regardless of whether we get RISE or Dullahan first? Also, is there any news on how many Abys…
  • I have the same problem as in the screenshots above; Relogging does not fix the problem. I can whisper people just fine, but it's almost like the friends list function doesn't exist? I can't readd people either. I only use Nexon Launcher, if that he…
  • Vladino wrote: » Nuu windstep buf can be my bad too because I didn't check if I really got windstep buff before activating little rat (but there was white circle from little rat block before so... you know). This is a bug I've also encountered …
  • IGN: Rhri Server: West Thanks for the contest and GL to everyone