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  • Look at the bright side. You won't have to do 4~5 royal Rupas every sunday.
  • TheDazzling wrote: » This mode is absolutely cancer you can be on top of the enemy team by alot cuz your skill level is simply higher than theirs... but what do they do? press F then left click all at the same time and they just............ in…
  • At least other players visual effects in redeemers cutscenes no longer appear on your character. Finally I was able to take footage of that for Balor guide...
  • Please note that wiki is outdated, so it's best to just ask around. The quest you mentioned however I believe still exist, but is nothing more than a "quiz" suggesting which expertise you should pick, but doesn't make decision on anything. You ca…
  • You can think of each type (normal, guild and password) as separate battle. When guild and password were shifted to normal, it's like these 2 battles were removed, and the normal one cap increased. As result, anyone who did all runs before update wa…
  • BladeStormX wrote: » I have to agree with DragonRider. They're losing their medieval concept with flashy Sims concepts. Vindi is going downhill for NA They did that years ago by adding asian pijamas, modern clothes, wings and other "fun" stuff. U…
  • Pants sold today. Chest and Gloves are still on market.
  • The set is now in marketplace. Sold helmet and boots.
  • Dyeam wrote: » I think they cheat and blackspiher which uses so many resources and affects performance does nothing. Wrong. It bans innocent people and presumably acts as spyware.
  • It's working today.
    in Dear Nexon. Comment by SirRFI August 15
  • I need Neam set in my life. Wanted to buy it before it even existed.
    in New Outfits Comment by SirRFI August 14
  • Cedric wrote: » Im sure in NA wasnt legat until the merge happened with EU. In any case it is very easy to solve this issue by simply making all the depot items tradable and allow us to list any of them in marketplace. But that wont happen beca…
  • Cedric wrote: » NX selling isnt smt legal from the beginning... When EU merged with NA everyone was scared that it will be bannable (because in NA wasnt legal) but they seem to "close an eye" on this because everyone on EU was used with this trad…
  • ProR2D2 wrote: » All because players like you get scammed and can't handle it and blame Nexon who has no responsibility. Stop being crybaby. To be clear - I didn't get scammed, not that it's uneasy to happen - the deal is usually to pay the cod f…
  • KMonk wrote: » There was one pre-RISE update. It's no longer updated and was archived. https://heroesdb.asdf.me/items/armor/set It's pre-service migration (EU to NA) to be precise, so extra few things may be missing.
  • You'll have to either stick to NA or start over in EU. Characters aren't transferred over the servers. And shouldn't be - NA server is older, has different market resources and significantly bigger gold inflation. People could easily get a lot of mo…
  • ProR2D2 wrote: » Stop asking Nexon to be foolish like they were on the past. NX selling should be done at players own risk. Blaming Nexon if you become scammed is immature and just making tantrums. Deal with it and stop being an european baby. …
  • Neamhain set is finally in the game! Now just another half an year until it appear here...
  • At the beginning actually plenty of NX items were tradeable on market. Despite fact all of these items are obtained by purchasing using NX Cash, their prices (as in gold:nx ratio) varied a lot, and often there was situation when the buyer's demanded…