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  • boddole
    Hello, as people are pointing out, the event is saying it has ended, which seems -waaaaaay- too early even if the server is in a different timezone. Could we get a fix for this?

    Thought I should post this here also just in case it helps:

    December 8
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  • iDrakonya
    problem cant update vindictus launcher update i have other game it updates in nexon launcher but vindictus wont verify what can i do i re downloaded everything a few times and tried steam nothing works incarus works so its a problem with vindictus i see alot of people have same issue the game must be losing alot of players because of this in launcher i click update verifying it will not update this problem is hurting the game big big time people get mad and quit is there a fix i did everything i could do please help i am long time player i spent thousands of dollars with nexon need support
    August 20
    • GMViewty
      please try to connect through STEAM. Thank you.
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