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Hello good night community. Today I share a new video taken by: Lord HHHawk. #Awesome combat, thanks for participating. PS: We continue with activities and events on our discord server, we also continue with the recruitment of our guild : Eternai in ch 112, greetings and thanks for visit us here , good start of the week for everyone. ⚔ Discord : Vin group : https://discord.gg/j9b26G6 )


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June 4, 1992
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Leader and protector of the community of the guild Eternai. Designer and digital illustrator. Friendly and participatory whenever someone need help. Impartial, fair and reliable. Loyal to the community of Vindictus. Experience in the game: Player of vindictus (5 years +) GM of my community (4 years +). Experience in design: Historian and analyst of the art & design (7 years +) Illustrator (5 years+) Designer of clothes ( 6 years+).


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    Hello good night community. =)

    Today I share a new video taken by: Lord HHHawk.

    #Awesome combat, thanks for participating.

    PS: We continue with activities and events on our discord server, we also continue with the recruitment of our guild : Eternai in ch 112, greetings and thanks for visit us here , good start of the week for everyone.

    ⚔ Discord :

    Vin group : https://discord.gg/j9b26G6 )

    May 21
  • Hello good day community, We continue inviting new and veteran players who are looking for join one one guild. Eternai is open for active, participative and friendly people who like to meet new players for all parts of the world and mainly enjoy the game.


    We have in our discord server and in the guild a PVP modality for all the players that like the challenges , we usually do FFA & Arena weekly. We are in the channel 112, making daily raids and farm in the night .
    (At this time, we continue with events on the discord server , All countries and regions are welcome to enter on our server & guild).

    PS: Finally, today I share material from the players of our server Vin of discord, #thanks for participating.



    KaguraHimiko :


    Hekalo Panda :


    Viscira & XxFremyxX :


    HHHawk and the chicken farm :


    ⚔ Discord :

    Vin group : https://discord.gg/j9b26G6 )

    May 1
  • Hello good day community, of Vindictus.

    Today we invite all players who like to participate in our new Karaoke event, created by: "Diamond" if you have the talent to sing, or you are an amateur this is your time! , come and have fun with us, to participate just enter our server, the rules are in our channel: #Events.


    PS: Due to the continuous participation of several players, we will be doing this activity regularly on the server.

    Finally I share the material this week, taken by our players in server Vin, thanks to everyone for participating.

    Dance party with: Kratos , Eltanen , Shiro , Alecto & Hawk :


    Miko Vs Arcana :



    CutiePie :


    Shadow with the new weapon for saylas :P :


    Mistress & XxFremyxX :


    Cooking with Violet Jean & HHHawk :


    ⚔ Discord :

    Vin group : https://discord.gg/j9b26G6 )

    April 21
  • Hello good day Vindictus community, today I share some photos and gifs taken from our players from VIN server, thanks for participating.















    ⚔ Discord :

    Vin group : https://discord.gg/j9b26G6 )

    April 4
  • cxZhf8x.png

    Hello good morning community of Vindictus. o:)
    It is an announce pleasure that from today 3 of the 4 communities of our guilds of the fusión on ch 112, play under one same guild which is: Eternai Guild.


    ⚔Guild - Eternai [GM AndromedaGM]
    Status: Open slots (We continue with the merger of 4 guilds in the ch 112 NA server).
    Our recruitment doors are open for all players who wish to coexistence with us, we accept all levels.

    ⚔ Requirements :


    - Players of all levels are accepted.
    - The conduct should be participatory friendly and respectful to all guild players as to coexist with external communities.
    - Be active and preferably enter our discord group .
    - For the guild, players who exceed 45 days of inactivity will be removed, only if they did not notify absence.
    - Here we do not tolerate hostile behavior, denigration, attempts to steal, scam, or hack if we see any act or attempt of perjury will be reported to the team, both players of our community and other guild players who have dealings with our members.
    - The rules of the game will always be followed.
    - Finally everyone is welcome to join our community, regardless of your country or language we seek to foster the coexistence that exists in the spanish & english in the game .

    Our goal is to continue to contribute to events in the game and that new players such as veterans are comfortable with the community. Here we are all the same no matter, country, language, race, sex or creed, we all seek to live together in a peaceful, friendly and participative way, those are the keys to a healthy environment of respect. This is the main rule of the guild.

    (If you speak another language there is no problem as long as you do not have problems with the language in the guild, I speak English, Spanish and French if any need support or translate).

    PS: Thanks for following us through these years and we hope with this new project for the fusión more guys coming to us for in our guild on ch 112, soon new event for the NA & EU server with art material & more surprises, greetings thanks for the attention and again for follow us in this post of the forum.

    ⚔ Discord :

    Vin group : https://discord.gg/j9b26G6 )


    March 24
  • Good morning community, today we celebrate Valentine's Day o:) <3 our best wishes to all and thank you for your love and friendship over the years, this motivates us to continue working for the community.


    We began to share from today until Sunday 18 all the photos they share under the theme of Valentin, thanks for the participation & happy day for all, greetings.

    NobleWolf with friends (Valentin's Selfie)


    Cerose & husbando (Valentin's Selfie)


    Dahlia4eva (Valentin's Selfie)


    Scribbles & Couple (Valentin's Selfie)



    Vin group : https://discord.gg/j9b26G6
    February 14
  • Hi #good day family of Vindictus . :)


    Next week we celebrate the day of love & friendship , <3 is time for good coexistence with the friends , family couple or any person that you admire , my best wishes to all and try that no only on Valentin Day to show your sweetie , more on this days the social media always show that for love send one reward & is very false , the best reward is if you really get one real friendship or if you really find the love on the life , finally the team of our group for Discord & our leader Lord HHHawk, send one big hug to all for next holiday ! .


    Vin group : https://discord.gg/j9b26G6

    PS: On this week we share here on forum all photos that the players share on the group on the ch: #post_yo_screenies that participate on theme for Valentin , is time for take selfie with your friend or couple and show it with us for your Valentin Day , greetings.
    February 11
  • Good morning community today we announce the winner of the elchulus emblem event, which was:


    GonX congratulations!

    We will send the prize today to the game thanks for participating. Finally, the invitation is open until February 23 to participate in the new design for group cover . Those who like to participate are welcome, soon more surprises of content and events for the game, greetings good day.


    PS: Those who want to go out in the cover design for our group , all still have 3 more weeks until February 23 to participate. Remember to only upload 1-3 photos of their characters (ch : #eventslll), in front side view and zoom preferably in HD and take them in the avatar shop, greetings and keep participating.

    Vin group : https://discord.gg/j9b26G6
    February 2
  • AgDqi8f.png

    New #event available: "Elchulus emblem" :)

    Taking advantage of the new emblem and the intro for our discord server which is under the theme of the dragon: Elchulus, from this week until the first of february at 11:59 pm pST.
    We will be receiving photos of your characters in Vindictus to update the cover of the group that will be accompanied with the emblem here in our official forum post and in discord.


    To participate in the photo all must meet these requirements:

    1.- Upload from 1 to 3 photos per person, front, side and zoom view with the pose you like the most.

    2 .- Any character and all servers NA & EU can participate, preferably wear armor or clothes, no nude style.

    3.- They should take the photo in the avatar shop and preferably in HD.

    4.- The photos that will be taken for the composition of the cover design should be uploaded in the ch: #eventslll

    5 .- Finally, as a special bonus we will give 10m to the one who uploads the best photo with elchulus, the challenge of the photo is that elchulus does not come out as a photo of assassination but a selfie with the boss, or just a photo showing the detail of the dragon, this photo will be included in the composition and in the next art project made for vin server and fusion ch 112.

    (Edit is not allowed for photos). Vin group : https://discord.gg/j9b26G6
    January 22
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    Visit our official page for recruitment & advertising here :
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