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When did your Belle each level 100?

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I came back for a new character and enjoyed Belle gameplay very much.
Leveling is still easy.
I reached level 95 after S3 "Order from Above" without using any exp boost-up item.
Then I used my +150% EXP Boost and grind exp in Abyssal Arena five times to reach level 100.

I am wondering how you guys managed the pace of leveling up.


  • VleetVleet
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    Hi, i received a permanent tattoo coupon for the 2nd time and i c'ant use it with the tattoo that i chose " it says that the tatto neads a coupon" that i have but the sistem doesn't reconaise him :/.... i dont know what to do! Help me plz :)
  • EmerthystEmerthyst
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    did you make sure that the coupon was "opened" and not in a shared storage state?