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Level 0 w/ Title as "Round 11082885 Challenger"??

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edited September 17, 2018 in Bug Reporting
I was just doing the story quest and then I got kicked out. I saw that I was level 0 with a weird title and that is not how my Fiona looks like....
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  • Order5Order5
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    edited September 18, 2018
    This issue has been happening all day, and it has happened before in the past. It is one of the kinds of issues that usually fixes itself after the weekly maintenance, which is tomorrow.

    Guess it's still happening even after maintenance. Seems to happen after a few hours of being online, but otherwise no other consistent factors leading to a direct cause.
  • QuinqueQuinque
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    I got this error as well. Got kicked out from RAR and Onslaught for "3rd Party Program" even thought all I had open was Google Chrome browser. After logging back in, my character was level 0 with green title "Round 11082885 Challenger".
  • KinsuruKinsuru
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    I got it right now as well. I'm being pulled out of running runs or awaiting lobbies like once every two battles :(. Very annoying.
  • boddoleboddole
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    edited September 19, 2018
    Just had this happened to me after being online less than 1hr, finishing Abom (got the 'cleared run' message party leader seemed to exit -very- early if that matters), no loot, same weird title, level 0 Smobojoe, Chat 1 'smobojoe has logged off', all items red, still burned the run.....