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Why are we getting incomplete patches from KR?

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Desert Crystal: Where is the golden wings?

Death Cube: where is this version of the moonshot outfit?

Where is succubus mate or even the chair gacha which was suppose to come out from the Desert Crystal?
Plz dev team, plz get these back...


  • DragonRiderDragonRider
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    They need to rip us off with recycled Iset and Keaghan FIRST before releasing those silly. Nexon gotta think we're dumb and milk us dry $$$.

    They probably won't release it until Summer when school is out and more kids can swipe.

    Besides, the succubus (full grown adult version) pet came out before Iset / Havan pet did in KR, and it still hasn't shown up here. Lel.
  • boddoleboddole
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    Anytime you forget why they treat us like garbage, reference this graphic /sad:

    Granted...this is their own fault, with oh...I don't know, lousy management, harsh gear progression penalties, very expensive paid items and items obtainable from only random paid items, and gold ole' fashioned being jerks about a lot of things in general...but good luck trying to convince them of that...We really shouldn't question their monitization or engagement strategies, it is their strong-point after-all, their investor page told me so.
  • ProR2D2ProR2D2
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    That Chart doesn't show much problem. Game is korean, and China has 5 times us population.
  • PrototypemindPrototypemind
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    ProR2D2 wrote: »
    That Chart doesn't show much problem. Game is korean, and China has 5 times us population.

    If you go back two years or so ago NA/EU gave them quite a bit of their Vindi revenue. It's their own fault they lost that cash cow.
  • BabyDaniBabyDani
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    the chart seems to show a nice revenue increase for NA...
    <it's something>
  • FurielFuriel
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    The chairs were released in the Frozen Crystal, which has yet to be released. That gachapon contains the Valkyrie set (female) and wings (unisex) as well as the Einherjar outfit (male).
    Our Desert Crystal was combined of two gachapons, which may be the reason why some items are missing.
    - Steel Cube
    - Friendpon 2017
    also they didn't add Trivene Witch which was also part of the Steel Cube and wings and tails from friendpon 2017.
  • xCyclonusxCyclonus
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    I love how from so many threads complaining about basic management issues and how new stuff are yet to be released, the GMs are quiet about them. I really dont see the point of so many stuff not being released for us as well, since it would've been only a win-win thing for both us and them.
    Instead we're being offered little to re-used avatar sets until you literally see everyone wearing them. And not only outfits or items, patches are a mess too.. big time mess!
    Wake up dear management, new players wont play your buggy game for too long, while the veterans will have enough of your bullshit eventually.
  • DrachusDrachus
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    Remember that PvP tournament that we were supposed to get more than a year ago? c:
  • boddoleboddole
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    BabyDani wrote: »
    the chart seems to show a nice revenue increase for NA...
    <it's something>

    Yeah, if nothing else at least we aren't in imminent threat of being 'phased out'...(looks around nervously). I spent an hour or so looking around for Nexon quarterly/yearly reports and found some interesting stuff (if you think business and financials are interesting). If there was enough interest I could put together a brief report on 'NA Over the Years' or something.
  • CloakshireCloakshire
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    Interesting charts. Much info! Very Useful!