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Special desert contract money glitch?

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I ran this mode many times and never ever seen this happen. screen shot below let me know if this is something new or a bug because it was pretty cool



  • ZeroheartZeroheart
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    I don't think it is a bug, supposedly it is the lucky gold jackpot you sometime see some one get after finishing a mission or something, they get like 2 mil or 5 mil . I only seen it once happen in a run but never occurred to me...stupid rngesus
  • boddoleboddole
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    Yeah, if there was a bunch of gold bars, its the super lucky bonus. If you google 'Your Super Lucky Bonus Experiences / Data?' You can find a thread with some info on how it works.
  • SirRFISirRFI
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    That's "Super Lucky Bonus". Sometimes you can see notification about someone getting it.
  • DragonRiderDragonRider
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    super lucky bonus comes at random consider urself luckybro
  • ElyrElyr
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    super lucky bonus comes at random consider urself luckybro

    Dude fuck off already