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Karok Clash Alert not appearing

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Because of the event are there a lot of bugs people are dealing with? My clash alert button isn't working and i have "alert when action" checked.. any assistance/advice from any1


  • KenpoKenpo
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    Are you using a controller to play? If so that's why. Currently the only way to fix this is to switch to keyboard/mouse.
  • AnduriAnduri
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    Please fix this nexon i play this char and its a pain to know when to clash so hope you fix this :(
  • NoburoNoburo
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    edited August 5, 2017
    It's tied to the "Gamepad Mode" layout. I play on gamepad too, but I don't have the problem because I'm using the Keyboard Mode layout with my controller binds set manually so that I can switch between the two, depending on where I'm sitting when I play.

    For anyone still struggling with this: Use Keyboard Mode and set your gamepad binds in advanced controls you should see the [W] clash indicator pop up as before. I'm not sure if there's any features unique to Gamepad Mode that you would be losing out on by doing this, but it's worked fine for me. Just a temporary workaround until they get it working again anyways.

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