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Hate the changes made to controller mode (Lann)

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edited March 22, 2017 in General Discussion
Before patch

After patch

The critical hit indicator for Lann is gone. When using a controller pre-patch it would default to whatever was set for keyboard bind (That's the "D" key that you see in the before pic). Now after patch there's absolutely no indicator and no option to restore it. There's obviously no display for xbox or other controller keys but I don't get why it won't show the default keyboard bind like before. It makes it very hard to see your crit and then follow it up with glides, esp if your in a group and can't always hear or see your crit.

Also, your keybinds STILL reset every time you switch from controller to keyboard in options (SERIOUSLY GUYS? LOL smh).


  • PrototypemindPrototypemind
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    You can probably go into your config folder and set your char's--they're actually named now instead of one for all Lann's on your account like before--setup to read-only once you've moved to controller mode and it should keep it from messing up the keybinds.
  • KenpoKenpo
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    Anyone find a fix for the lann crit indicator yet? I have yet to find any way to restore it. I'm starting to believe there might not be a way to fix it short of them patching it which seems very unlikely.

    Funny how them "improving" controller is what gets me to stop using the controller.