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Getting 1 bars with good internet

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Im getting and giving 1 bars with a good internet, ive restarted net and just about everything i could think so. Even got my brother to test on same internet with same person. He gave person 4 bars while i gave 1. Any ideas?


  • BlackAlbinoBlackAlbino
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    Yeah, same here. If I run a mission or raid with someone hosting, I'll be about a half second to a second behind. Still playable, but not in any platforming battles (i.e. Abomination). I have great internet , can host 8 people with no trouble at all and I get 4 bars only when I rejoin about 6 - 8 times. Other than that it's still 1 bar for days.

    I'm not sure on what to do honestly :/
  • TeknofobixTeknofobix
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    if your using windows 8 &10. Go into services and stop and switch service type to disabled or manual for the following services. Background Intelligent Transfer Service, Windows Push Notification System and User Service, and Windows Update. and if you have antivirus turn off on access scanning when your gaming if you AV has it turn on silent gaming mode. with the services make sure you go in and turn them on at least once a month to allow windows 10 updates to run. I Noticed with windows 10 its always checking for updates for the OS and the live tiles even if you don't have any installed and will eat up all your bandwith took me a day to find that issue when I built my new windows 10 machine. Also if your 1 bar and the host its a CPU issue not network usually so you want to look at your startup and see what applications you have auto starting when you boot your computer and disable anything you know you don't need running. Leave Microsoft and your AV stuff alone but you can usually find bloatware running. things like Driver Updaters (besides NVIDA) are usually unneeded and should be deleted you should always go to the manufacturer for drivers not a third party application its usually Spyware or applications for a botnet. I found one not to long ago that installed a bitcoin miner that would run in the background making someone some real money off your machine. .
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