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Passion - Now Recruiting new Passionate members!

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Passion is currently recruiting friendly,
respectful and dedicated players who are constantly striving to improve.
Status: Open - Rebuilding

Passion is international guild formed by the former core members of the guild Smokin Sick Style approx. 100 years ago.
We are a group of old friends who already play for a long time with each other and we are looking for new companions who share the same interest. Rather than becoming a mass-recruiting guild, we prefer to stay on the average number of 30-40 experienced members, this means that you are allowed to join with your alternative character if you are a trusted member of the guild. We can offer an alternative Guild for not so frequently used Characters as well.

After further discussions we have decided to reopen our recruitment thread. If you are interested to join and believe that you have what it takes, then by all means apply! ; )

What we want from you?

- Being able to communicate in English
- Mature
- Know how to play your Character
- appropriate behavior in and outside of the Guild
- Self-sufficient Players who can take care of themselves

What you can expect from us :

Right now we are just a few Oldies trying to bring back a very old Guild. We can provide advice and tips of the character you are playing and are more than willing to help you out if you need us. We also love to communicate and joke with each other so if you cannot take some friendly flame, this is probably not the guild for you.
We are all equal in the guild, the sole purpose of the leaders are simply to ensure that everything is running smoothly.
We also do have a discord server for members.

Notes when applying to us:

Everyone in the guild decides who is joining and who is not. Thats why it sometimes needs a little longer for us to get back to you with a decision. Please be patient.
Please leave us the information of all your character names and Why you want to join Passion!

You can post here or contact CinPeri ingame (@, Mailbox) .



Happy Holidays from Passion with Love! ♥