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"SwordNRoses" comming back from the dead!

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Recruiting active/semi-active members right now ! What we do: Everything you need to enjoy the game, helping on lvls, helping to get stuffed, farming mats, learning to play your class and more! We also have a Guild Discord that everyone can join for free if interested^^, speaking both French/English! Come and enjoy the game with us^^!

You can contact any of us in-game, via mail or whisper, ill repay any fee if you use mailbox :P
Leader, "thefoxylady"
Admin, "LocalNetwork"
Admin, "mpaule"
Feel free to contact us anytime even if you just want some info about us! ^^


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    >player does not exist

    This is the AUS server forum...
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    Found the guild in West, so moved this to the correct section.