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Neamhain Comrade's thrust causing massive FPS drop

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Ever since the mentioned update above, game's been running quite badly during raids. I run Agares, Brilliant Lugh, Selren, Marject and Aodhan.

Before the update, I would stay at 60fps no problem, with a few exceptions like Marject's fire sprint or Agares's pillar phase.
Now, every minute, and at worst, every few seconds, the game drops its FPS significantly, down to a number that varies for each raid:

Agares: 30fps (20fps if during the pillar phase)
Brilliant Lugh: 30fps
Selren: 45fps (The least noticeable for me)
Marject: 30fps (20fps if it does its fire sprint)
Aodhan: 45fps

And from what I experienced, it also messes with the controls, either delaying or ignoring them.

P.S. Dragging the Hero Pass window does drop my FPS from 60 to 30 in an empty channel in town.

Edit :
Neamhain's thrust causes the FPS to drop... The visual effect is way too much all of a sudden -.-