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Advice for miri ?

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To fellow miri players, how do i maximize dps when i cant chainswing?
I use that first skill whenever i can (forgot the name) if i have SP, i try to build stacks then parry to release when i can (its very hard to do on some bosses ill just spam left click cuz idk when the boss will hit its hard to see with everyone attacking). Ive heard miri is op but i do not see it when she runs out of chainswings all i can do it lr or llr + skill but that doesnt do much compared to other players, they dish out way more damage in the time it takes to get more chainswings

i always end up on bottom or close to bottom in rank.
yes, Ive looked at the guide in the miri section. I still cant figure out how to skip animation on garb..

32k atk
155 crit
84 balance(am currently working on getting more)
63 speed
+12 astera ds

Even on raids like glas/regina/lugh i get bottom rank

Do i just really suck or is there a certain way you gotta play her?